World's Most Dangerous Hiking Trail on Mount Huashan


Mount Huashan is the most dangerous, terrifying hikes In the world.The paths have been reinforced due to a recent influx of tourists, but they are nonetheless dangerous, and carry a reputation for fatal falls. Although no official statistics are kept, some say that the number may be as much as about 100 fatal falls a year. Some of the more dangerous parts of the trails have names like Thousand-Foot Precipice, Hundred-Foot Crevice and Black Dragon Ridge.

The trails up Mount Hua Shan involve steep staircases, vertical ascents, and a plank trail consisting of wooden platforms bolted onto the mountainside.

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  3. Just walking through it will not be that hard.. if we are in the place..but the scariest part is for that person who pave these footwalks…omg..scaryy

  4. But how did they build this? Who built it? I can't really put my head around this………but other than that…looks pretty cool but scaryyyyyy! 😱😱😱

  5. I guess its every man for himself. If you get in trouble you better call on JESUS CHRIST SON OF THE LIVING GOD.

  6. If I get a chance to listen to some music when on my hiking trips I always choose music like Delta Parole or Guns N Roses, the rawness is the best with nature.


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