WooCommerce – How to Setup Shipping Charges in Woocommerce 2017 – Shipping Methods


WooCommerce – How to Setup Shipping Charges in Woocommerce 2017 – Shipping Methods

Set Up Shipping in WooCommerce for WordPress. Woocommerce is a great eCommerce platform but setting up shipping in Woocommerce can be confusing. In this video, I’ll guide you through the basis of setting up multiple flat rate shipping fees along with a simple ‘Bulky Product’ rate for products without a shipping class applied.

Follow me as I guide you step by step through the entire process of Setting Up Shipping in Woocommerce for WordPress and demonstrate it working.

Take your WordPress website and skills to the next level!

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  1. A very helpful and detailed Video Nayyar. Great Job.

    Could you please provide us a video on adding the shipping costs to multiple countries for a single product. I would be grateful for your help.

  2. Hi I want to know how i can set shipping rates per amount spent,but just for international customers.so a chepaer shipping charge for smaller order.i find myself paying from my own pocket on bigger orders

  3. Hey. Assalamualikum. Can you help me i want to add shipping charges per invoice so in wordpress how i cam do it???

  4. Hello @Nayyer. How to apply shipping cost using woocomerce to a specific product. Like all product shipping cost free and one specific product shipping cost 5.

  5. You made really good videos. Thank you. Can you please put the relative video link in your description, so it will help finding video easily.

  6. I facing a problem please help to get me out of this. I want to delivery or shipping charges upto 999 Pkr other wise above all order orders will be delivered free at home but i am unable to setup… Please guide me how to setup free shipping over 1000 Pkr… Other wise delivery 50 pkr charges will be applied into customer bill… I will be waiting for your positive response.

  7. hello great video. can you help me set up for example: order up to 50 usd is 5 usd shipping cost. and order more than 50 usd free shipping.


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