Witch's Heart – Blat Blat ( Wilardo's Route ) Manly Let's Play [ 7 ]


We begin Wilardo’s Route in Witch’s Heart where we a few parallels to Ashe’s Route but also some major differences.

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“I ain’t turnin in my badge chief.”

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  1. I bet this is the type of game where claire always dies at the end of every route, but there is a 'true' route where she like remembers all her deaths and escapes with everyone (or most of them)

  2. I shouldn't have been eating chips when I started this video..!!! Trying not to laugh with my mouth full of chips when you go "Sirius- Noel- Serius" wasn't a pleasant experience

  3. heyy i know i'm late but what do you like most???
    me 😐 ……….

    monneeyyyy!!!!! XD

  4. 43:49 You "siriusly" did not just lose it?
    Sirius: What's that?! A pun? And even a terribile one!

  5. 22:04 Manly- "So for what in the world did you come for? Perhaps to ask for money? That i will not give you! Oh, wait… you can have a penny."

  6. Funny how harahi got brought up. Was wondering if tue pact got broke, a lotta bad things wouldnt happen, because therewouldnt be a demon heart to bait ashe to kill peeps to look for it. Much like how endless 8 would stop when the homework was done.


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