Witch's Heart – A Boss Battle…? (Ashe's Route) Manly Let's Play [ 3 ]


We enter our first actual route in Witch’s Heart choosing to go down the rabbit hole with Ashe in what is mainly a lore and setup portion of the game.

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  1. Normal person: Sees them play with board and rubber mallet
    Me: Sees them playing the korean game Golden pot and plastic hammer game

  2. You know…. did the book ever mention if you had to use YOUR body parts or…

    In fact thinking on it, is it just a one and done deal or would you need to drop a body part for every spell?

  3. I think Zizel is actually meant to be written Giselle, (looking at the katakana) which is a French name. It's pronounced the same, except it's a "j" sound (and not "dj") instead of a "z" at the beginning.

  4. I find it interesting how the player characters talk directly to you sometimes and Manly’s comment about Zizel in practice being more tied to us than Claire. It may just be for convenience, but after some of the games I’ve played it does make me wonder what role we as the player have in this world.


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