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Nintendo tried to get everybody to start exercising by releasing a balance board, but really, it just gave companies an excuse to do dumb things with some of their games. #WiiBalanceBoard #NewYearNewMe

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  1. AntDude, you're not caught up with the Garfield Show, yet the episode that the game was based on was the Pilot?!

  2. I'm sorry, I can't help but laugh when you call Nintendo "the Big N" there might be something wrong with my head

  3. We Ski and Snowboard was my childhood man. I never had a balance board but wow was this game FUN. I'll never forget finding the secret path on the mountain stage.

  4. I expect they probably would’ve called it Wii Ski and Snowboard but Nintendo are very strict about who can use that name, so a lot of names had stuff like We Ski and Snowboard and We Dare since it sounded right but didn’t cause issues with Nintendo.

  5. the cartoon was great, 2 seasons on netflix, best quote is "never say things can't get any worse, things will always find a way to get worse"


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