What's so Good About: Devil Survivor Overclocked


Welcome to another episode of What’s So Good About. This time we dive into the 3DS library and talk about Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked.

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  1. Getting a physical copy can be very pricey nowadays, i remember getting this from a gamestop for 10 bucks 2 years ago

  2. I have been on the fence on this one for a while. I still have so many games to play, and I will be finishing SMT IV pretty soon.

    Still, that teaser at the end does made me feel so damn excited for the story. The writing felt great, and the voice acting was actually pretty well made.

    Since it is on sale until tomorrow, I may be grabbing it in a few minutes 🙂

  3. Still waiting for devil survivor 3.I like the story of 1 but I like the character designs of 2(No,not cause of io, but Hibiki. He looks cool af)

  4. I love the story. I love the time management and how all of your choices matter. I love how law isn't made out to be a 100% bad alignment. All sides have their pros and cons and I love it. I also loved the gameplay and characters. I also love the character designs. Everything about Devil Survivor Overclocked is perfect in my mind.

  5. Wait a second…. Did you use “Kyu” as the protagonist’s nickname? Exactly like I did? Even though I took it from part of my username?

  6. After completing SMT IV just a week ago <<which is one of the best games I have ever played>> my next game was between Strange Journey Redux and Devil Survivor Overclocked… Meanwhile I was watching this video I purchased Overclocked on my 3ds, so thank you helping me out to decide! And let's see how or goes!
    By the way, the theme of this game seems very fitting at the moment…

  7. Devil Survivor Overclocked is one of my favorite games of all time. There’s a great amount of customization in how you want to approach the in-battle gameplay and demon and leader builds, the story is jam-packed with twists and turns while raising the stakes incredibly well, the majority of routes are all great and help give the game a shit-ton of replay value, the characters are pretty well-developed for the most part and play off of each other well, and the atmosphere is top-notch. I would recommend it to just about anyone that wants to get into SMT and SRPGs in general.

  8. Such a good game. The cast is interesting and story is interesting. Like how you can get the human characters to be just as useful as their demons which it’s great to have so many to fuse and choose from


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