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Watch Kristin as she travels to far flung places with nothing but an Empty Suitcase:
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Kirill_Liv/Getty Images
Ruler 6 inches imperial. The division price is 1/32 inch. Ruler double sided. Precise measuring tool. Calibration grid
snik2016/Getty Images
Cold Chamber
Sergi Nunez/Getty Images
Hand with figurine mitten
gerenme/Getty Images
Wooden different size rulers 6, 8 and 12 inch long isolated on white background
Oleksandr Hruts/Getty Images
Wooden different size rulers 6, 8 and 12 inch long isolated on white background. Vector illustration.
Oleksandr Hruts/Getty Images
Spatula and fork icon. BBQ and grill tools. Barbecue utensil. Vector illustration.
Ihor Kashurin/Getty Images
C plus examination result grade red latter mark.
oleksii arseniuk/Getty Images
C minus examination result grade red latter mark.
oleksii arseniuk/Getty Images
razor scooter
homeworks255/Getty Images
Bathtub with soap bubbles and cute duck
RamCreativ/Getty Images
Queen crown vector calligraphy design
YasnaTen/Getty Images
Vending machine products
VikiVector/Getty Images
Happy father and son sitting
Ridofranz/Getty Images
Pouring fresh white milk from bottle into a glass
Korovin/Getty Images
small cake model
seksanwangjaisuk/Getty Images
Many mixed breads and rolls shot from above.
etiennevoss/Getty Images
Dad asleep in a chair on Christmas Day
RTimages/Getty Images
Rolling Dough
Michael-Merck/Getty Images
Olia Wall Appears on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Minimal motion design animation
infocusvideo/Getty Images
Strawberry fruit, 3D animation for cookers, isolated on green screen background, 4K
Fouque/Getty Images
GAME OVER Screen Orange And Green Colors
bensib/Getty Images
a tearful toddler boy looks at camera and weeps
kaisersosa67/Getty Images
White classic design door opening to green screen.
diversycgi/Getty Images
Syrup Pouring On Breakfast Pancakes
RockfordMedia/Getty Images
Young woman removing home made pizza from oven
ER_Creative/Getty Images
Pouring cheese sauce on nachos
MSPhotographic/Getty Images
Robot android with a graceful gait. Realistic looped motion on green screen background. 4K
designprojects/Getty Images
Pretzels in rotation
AQUARIUSmk/Getty Images
White sugar poured on black background
manaemedia/Getty Images
Research laboratory interior. Point of view empty science laboratory room
mrs_veronik/Getty Images
Toaster with envelopes
Talaj/Getty Images
Yes Icon With Green Screen
StockGood/Getty Images
Kiss on Wet Glass
shironosov/Getty Images
Old Television, Turning Channels. Green Screen.
rus09/Getty Images
Prepping Bread Products in a Bakery in Asia
RichardMandsPhotography/Getty Images
the end old movie animation alpha
gonin/Getty Images

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  1. 1:38 I have made a pretzel before but I put lettuce in it because my mom told me to do it but it was actually really good

  2. the weird thing is nerdecrafter tried these exact sets, and they were perfect (not the greatest, but they look like the box)

  3. As a girl who had been baking with a real oven since before I was tall enough to even turn it on, this tiny oven looks kinda ridiculous lol


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