VIETNAM’S LARGEST MARKET – Ben Thanh Market Ho Chi Minh City – Cheap Shopping in Vietnam


We visited Vietnam’s largest market, the Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City! This is where you can find the best cheap shopping in Vietnam. Think fake bags, cheap clothing, Vietnamese food, and incredible souvenirs all located within the Bến Thành Market. We show you the day market and the night market in Vietnam so you can make the best decision of which to visit.

The Ben Thanh Market in Saigon is the one of the largest and oldest Vietnam Markets. With over 3,000 vendors, Bến Thành is one of the best things to do in Saigon. You can find some of the best cheap shopping in Vietnam here all for incredible prices. The quality of the goods in this market are great and haggling is a must while you’re here! If you want to relax and avoid the bargaining, you can stay to the fixed pricing sections along the outer walls of Ben Thanh.

As far as a fake market in Vietnam is concerned, I would say you can find the highest quality knockoff goods here for the best prices. There are many markets in Saigon, but Ben Thanh is the biggest and most centrally located out of all. It is also the market that is most geared towards tourists so make sure you bring your best bargaining skills.

Vietnams largest market, also referred to as Cho Ben Thanh, is located in district 1 Ho Chi Minh city. You can find everything you need in district 1 including food, drinks, Vietnamese culture and more. After visiting Ben Thanh Market, you might want to hang around district 1 Saigon and wait for the Ben Thanh night market to kick off around 8pm.

Cho Ben Thanh is easily the top night market in Vietnam, particularly in Ho Chi Minh City. We enjoyed the night market in Saigon a little bit better than the day market because there was space to move around. However, both markets sell very similar items. If you’re looking for things to do in Saigon, we highly recommend both the Ben Thanh Market and the Ben Thanh Night Market.

We have uploaded Vietnamese subtitles to this travel vlog for any of you who would like to read in Vietnamese. We hope to hear from you guys in the comments and thanks for watching our first Vietnam travel vlog!

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  1. half of nike products are made in vietnam. the nikes you buy in the U.S. are the fakes. if you buy nikes in vietnam, you are actually getting the authentic products. check your nike labels next time

  2. Ummm, Actually, An Dong (7 minutes moped riding from Ben Thanh) is larger, cheaper. Kim Bien in District 5 may be the largest market in HCM.c. Oldest ? doubt it very much. Nice clip, you 2 so cheerful.

  3. AVOID BEN TANH MARKET. We just got back and went there a few times over 3 weeks. The place is an abusive, expensive rip off.
    We've been going to SE Asia for decades and my wife is SE Asian. We're far from spoiled naive tourists.
    Two basic types like this place; 1) New or naive travelers 2) Travelers who spend like they're in the west.
    A couple wild cards might be; 1) battered wife types who feel they deserve abusive treatment 2) guilty liberals, making excuses for their behavior -like I did.

  4. BEN THANH MARKET is only for tourist…if u buy there, they will RIP U OFF… the shirt is only 50 cents but they sell it for 10 buuccks… people in vietnam never shop at BEN THANH MAARKET…only tourists get rip off

  5. That’s the fun part of it. Haggling:-). Some people might say, it’s cheap enough, so they pay for whatever asked. I think they miss the point.

  6. Correction: Bến Thành Market is not the largest in Saigon alone, the largest covered market in Saigon is the Bình Tây Market, located away from downtown Saigon.

  7. hello this is awesome. i did notice that your wife's face very flawless skin. please can you give me tips for look like ?


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