VIETNAM Street Market Prices!!! *wow* | Hoi An, Vietnam | VLOG 665


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Q & A Just few common questions I get asked a lot.

Whats your name? Luke Fitzgerald

Where do you live? France

How tall are you? 6 ft 8 or 2’02 for those of you all here overseas

Where do you work? I play Professional Basketball here in Europe

How many languages can you speak? French, English, Spanish (working on getting better at spanish) and a little German

What made you start Youtube? You all!! I wanted to find a way to express myself more and to share my world with you!

Any other questions you have, feel free to ask me 🙂

Are you still reading?? Seriously? Haha your awesome!! Thanks for taking the time to do that! 🙂


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  1. We know it's not from the factory that Underarmor uses but it's still the same kind of factories so who cares…ps I would have got them for 3 dollars a piece 😊

  2. You do realize a lot are knock offs but you can find the real deal at a great price as Nike and Reeboks high end products are manufactured in Vietnam

  3. Hi! I rather expected more prices to be unveiled/fruits, street food 🥘, restaurants etc. And see you flirting with local beauties. A cat 🐈 was quite nice. Anyway , you’re granted with👍 for a great personality .

  4. whole different world i with you surreal i cant wait to move when i retire to live Danang will be my new home base

  5. I love browsing markets especially in new places ….you really get a feel for local life. Thanks for sharing Luke, great to travel along with you 👍

  6. What an amazing place. Thanks for taking us with you. Can't wait to see what Russel's videos are like. Luke's word of the day
    Learn to pronounce

    having the qualities of surrealism; bizarre.


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