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  1. 2012? I thought this was a windows 98 game at first. I mean, I was kinda expecting Sengoku Rance type gameplay. The "battle system' seems atrocious. I can't even follow what's happening during battle, things flash by so quick, and I guess if you like micromanaging stuff, this could be your game. But if I have to go through tedious battles instead of fun ones to get to the story, it's not much of a 'game'.

  2. i really like the idea of the game but it is SO confusing!!! The main problem is your army. When you start you have 4 squadrons. Now how do i get more? When you first start the game, you can recruit soldiers but soon realize you can't recruit any more, still you have the ressource availlable?! How's that?
    Also, when you look at your army, even if you can personalize your soldiers, they all became 'just another face on the screen' which is again, difficult to get attach to them… But i still continue trying to understand the game and to play it. So overall i still find it fun! 😉

  3. After having played Aseila and Seinarukana as my 1. rpg VNs i did look for another rpg vn but dunno about Venus now. Alone from what i saw and what u guys sad it looks very confusing x.x"
    Maybe Evencile will be my next choice 😮


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