Top 5 Shooting Games In Roblox (2020 Edition) | FPS/Shooter/Gun Games | Roblox


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What is ROBLOX? ROBLOX is an online virtual playground and workshop, where people of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. By participating and by building cool stuff, ROBLOX members can earn specialty badges as well as ROBLOX dollars (“ROBUX”).


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  1. Happy New Years guys enjoy my first video of the year and i wish you all prosper your dreams and goals in 2020🥳🤩

  2. you all need some content… stop repeating same fucking games, its always "counter blox;structid;arsenal;bad business;phantom forces"

  3. An fps called mercenary aim in rblx is so underrated damn you gotta try it works for mobile aswell

  4. Pros and cons of Phantom Forces (my opinion)
    1. Gun loadouts, you are free to use any gun you want when you rank up
    2. Rank up is very easy and it takes an hour when you are level 0-60
    3. Very good settings
    4. No stupid type of weapons
    5. Fair amount of credits each rank up
    6. Higher rank weapons can be bought early
    7. Accurate and fair timer after every round
    8. 80% of the maps in PF are very well created and designed
    9. Most updates are game changing and good
    10. Attachments and skins can be customized on the weapon
    11. Macros are allowed in PF. (Macros are auto clickers)
    12. Helpful votekick to kick abusive players
    13. Guns have suppression
    14. Every gun can ADS
    15. Guns in PF do not have weird cross hairs
    16. Guns in PF do not have stupid type of spread
    17. Fair reload timing
    18. Every gun in the weapon loadout have stats. This helps people to buy the right weapon
    1. Votekick is really abusive. Many players use it to kick players who are playing too good or using annoying type of weapons like M60 and AA12
    2. Starting PF can be the first challenge when playing PF. High rank tryhards will be around and it takes days to get used to PF
    3. Star creators can get banned or kicked cuz of blood and high violence in PF
    4. Abusive players can be around. Most of them are high ranked COD snipers aka PF clippers. Every time they die to someone they say “ew LMG spammer” or “ew get good skills” (not all clippers are toxic)
    5. Cannot customize character
    6. Hackers are spotted very often
    7. Not kid friendly. This can affect some people who are in the Star program or people who don’t like intense violence
    8. In most lobbies, most people have toxic and salty behavior
    9. Sniping clans can be obnoxious. Just like con number 4, lots of clippers (not all) have very toxic behavior

    That’s all I got

  5. Pros and cons of arsenal (my opinion so don’t be like “oMg YOurE JusT bAd, i eAt rOcKs”)
    1. Very fast gameplay
    2. Creative Character skins
    3. Quick updates
    4. Fun game modes
    5. Barely any hackers
    6. Takes only like 30 minutes to get used to the game
    7. Mobile players are allowed to play
    1. Stupid type of weapons (especially projectiles like snowball and presents)
    2. 90% of the guns in this game have spread
    3. Explosives sometime only do 98 or close to 100
    4. Shop items are very expensive
    5. The amount of credits every round are small
    6. Every gun in the game have sluggish reloads
    7. Every gun has small reserved ammo
    8. Terrible designed maps
    9. Very easy to spawn trap which is an unfair advantage for the ones getting spawn trapped
    10. Stupid type of kill effects. (One time I got killed by enemy because of the ocean wave kill effect. The kill effect blocked my entire vision, and the enemy player killed me first.)
    11. Some guns do not do enough damage. PP bizon and some snipers like Sako 85, M40, and MS556 have low damage for their class
    12. Suicide counts as penalty. You kill yourself with an explosive projectile or fall off the map, and you go back to the previous gun. That’s not how gun game works
    13. 70% of the guns in arsenal are to be hip fired and not ADS. (ADS means aim down sights which means scope in)
    14. Heavy weapons equal slow walk speed is correct but it’s too slow. The Barret, AWP, and machine guns need buffed speed
    15. The melee barely does any damage. It’s better if it 2 shots
    16. The golden gun needs a buff. You only have 1 bullet, slow reload, and only 1 reserved ammo. It’s absolutely stupid.
    17. Pc players have more advantage then mobile players which makes it unfair and unbalanced. Pc players have better FPS, handling, and better accuracy.
    18. Hit boxes are very small

    That’s all I got

  6. Now I think ik the reason why people like arsenal more then PF. This is my reasoning so don’t be like “oMg ArE yOu DuMb iTs ThiS or ThaT.” So first of all, I never see any roblox youtuber in the Star program play PF, cuz the star creators are supposed to be kid friendly. PF isn’t kid friendly, blood, and brutal deaths and yea. Second, when you start at PF, there are lots of tryhards, and you easily get destroyed. It takes a while to get used to PF. Arsenal it takes 6 rounds, and you’re already a good player cuz the game is too ez. Third, sensitivity and FOV is really weird in PF, and Arsenal’s sensitivity, and FOV is really smooth and clear.

  7. Counter blox, phantom forces these games are impossible to load no matter how good your internet is I hate them

  8. 10:05 What ur saying its true because if you use like headphones or earphones with FULL SOUND, the sound is like 100 DB

  9. A first person shooter (FPS) is a genre of action video game that is played from the point of view of the protagonist. FPS games typically map the gamer's movements and provide a view of what an actual person would see and do in the game. strucid its not a fps

  10. Please tell me if anyone knows the name of that shooting game with like a rig map and a snow house map? There were no teams and you res pawned with different guns! (It’s not Arsenal)

  11. you put strucid infront of phantom forces shame big shame i hate your opinion plus arsernal number 1 bruh your opinion on roblox games is bad


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