Top 10 Scariest Songs in Video Games


Top 10 Scariest Songs in Video Games

These are the scariest, the most terrifying, the creepiest, the most unsettling, the spookiest, the kookiest and altogether ookiest songs from some of the scariest video games out there. Actually, the games in question don’t have to be scary or horror games, just so long as the songs on their OST sent shivers down your spine. Join as we count down our picks and rank the Top 10 Scariest Songs in Video Games.

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00:40 #10: Taxidermy – Killer 7
01:28 #9: Lament – Siren: Blood Curse
02:17 #8: First Chapter ~ On the Ground – Drakengard
03:12 #7: Lavender Town – Pokemon Red and Blue
04:07 #6: Dungeon theme – Diablo
04:49 #5: Final Boss (US version) – Sonic CD
05:36 #4: Final Hours – The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
06:22 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. The song listed as "My Heaven" from Silent Hill 1 is actually "The Darkness that Lurks In our Minds" from the second game.

  2. For anyone interested and that still enjoys L4D and L4D2, if you shoot the witch three or four times in the back with a shotgun at close range, she'll die.
    It's funny though, when she downed the player, they were in witch fucking central. Lol

  3. Seriously, where are all those scary tunes you think is scary? These weren't scary at all. Try playing the Amnesia collection by Frictional Games, Two Lines and Nemeses by Matt Reeves, and listen to those soundtracks. At least they are scary. There's no way soundtracks from Paper Mario and Sonic are anywhere near scary. The soundtracks shown here, were only annoying. And the fact that Paper Mario, of all things, got first place, only shows that you haven't heard many scary soundtracks.

  4. If this had been made in the year 2020 the music that plays when mr. X starts to chase you, and Nemesis in the Resident Evil remake switch definitely be number 2 or 1. That mr. X music is horrifying you literally feel it in your soul

  5. You forgot Sonic CD US version Game Over, after playing it on my phone and hearing it, I have had insomnia for at least a week

  6. I’m 10 and I listened to the lavender town song SO MANY TIMES and I didn’t kill myself I had suicidal thoughts but didn’t commit it


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