Top 10 Best Dragon Anime of All Time


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hello gyes. here are the Top 10 best dragon Anime ever. I don’t know how the video is. let me know by comments, how the video is, So that I can improve my work .hope you like the video. subscribe🙏 for more anime videos

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anime names:-10.Dragonar Academy
9.Manaria Friends
8. Dragon Crisis
7.The Vision of Escaflowne
6. Chaos Dragon
5. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
4. Cross Ange
3. ?
2. ?
1. ?
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thumbnail:- Manaria Friends

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  1. I watched only Demon King Daimao from your list and i really like the story of that anime. I also recommend to watch that. 😊👍

  2. I've been looking for an anime with a red knight and dragons in it. Sadly nothing, I first saw the anime about 10-16 years ago also around the time when I saw Berserk (1997 TV series) and The Guyver: Bio-Booster Armor
    (1992 TV series). I remember some of the battle scene from the "Dragon" anime or "Susano". One who stood out the most was Susa because it seems like he always say Susa after taking the form of Susano (the lightning god) all in a red armor knight like suit who fought against these dragons/dragon host. But Susa and the Dragon could only take physical form by taking over human host. Susa took a few boy's body as it's host. Meanwhile the Dragon took over countless of girls and maybe even boys (if I remember) because Susa kept killing the host's body before it can transform into a big dragon. In the ending episode the Dragon was thought to be dead, but it was alive in it's slim form, it attached itself onto one of the 2 researcher face and went inside her body. Taking control of it then killing the other researcher as if she were a zombie. Please do give any update on finding it.

  3. No Dragon Half, no Record of Lodoss War, no Slayers, and half a dozen other 80's and 90 anime that should have made the list that all have dragons in them. Heck, Filia from Slayers Try is at least as cute as Tohru.


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