The Earth in Minecraft, 1:1 scale …for the first time.


Join me in the BUILD THE EARTH discord to formulate a strategy to build the entire earth in minecraft.

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Terra 1 to 1

Cubic Chunks

I initially used multimc, but had such substantial issues running it on that launcher after a few days that I had to get it working on the vanilla launcher. This had some obstacles. You have to specifically change the front of your jvm argument to from -Xmx2G to -Xss4M, and I needed this additional mod for stability.

Most of you should be able to have it work with multimc with no issues though.

Decisions by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Sound effect by Blink Farm


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  1. I was not expecting a response like this. I am at a loss for words guys. The discord response is INSANE. This project is rocketing into motion and it looks like we're going to be able to accomplish it. If you want to support BUILDTHEEARTH, we started a Patreon to cover all the server and storage costs

    If you want to join the project:

    Other social media links:

    Help us bring this to the whole minecraft community's attention. Tell your favorite youtuber, share with your friends. And thanks for watching 🙂

  2. Yooooo this nigga just been flying on world and finding places like to compare with real places yay big brain time

  3. from left to right it should teleport u to the other side of the world so its like real life and flat earthers cant use this to proof the earth is flat

  4. A few years ago my school class built my school in Minecraft, that was kinda cool but this is waaay cooler, hope something happens!

  5. This is very good idea but 400 players are building Greenfield for 9 years and they are not even half done, so this will take more than 10 years for sure.

  6. But what if earth is actually just flat (NOT A GLOBE) kinda how Minecraft normally generates 😱😱😱😱


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