Simple Twin Stick Fun – Null Vector (PC) – PXA Peeks


In this episode of PXA Peeks, I take a look at Null Vector, a simple but compelling and inexpensive twin-stick shooter with a unique upgrade system.

Press code provided by Optical Override.

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  1. On first impression, just from the presentation alone this looked really interesting. But when you got into the gameplay and started sharing your thoughts on it . . . ehh. I think I'll pass. Looks decent, but not amazing.

    Sorry it took so long to get around to watching your most recent game videos. But I did, and enjoyed them all as usual. 🙂 It's tragic that YouTube doesn't reward creators like yourself, for putting out consistently quality content. (Things have been hectic for me the last couple of months, and I only just now took a short breather to catch up on YouTube and other things.)


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