[Section TV] 섹션 TV – What is SHINHWA for SHINHWA who celebrated its 20th anniversary ?! 20180409


What is SHINHWA for SHINHWA who celebrated its 20th anniversary ?!
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MC & Reporter : Kim Guk Jin, So Yi Hyeon, Park Seul Ki, Hwang Jae Sung, Cha Yae lyn, Son Han Byeol, Shin Go Eun, Lee Ho Seok,Lee Jae Eun

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  1. (ENG Transcript) for Shinhwa's Section TV Interview Part 3

    [Section TV] 섹션 TV – What is SHINHWA for SHINHWA who celebrated its 20th anniversary ! 20180409

    I translated from Chinese Sub. Narration and texts on screen are not translated.
    Chinese sub credit to BestShinhwa China

    MC: Have you ever thought about how long you will be doing activites?

    Minwoo: Yes. I remember Hyesung and I were doing interviews together, in 10 years how we will change. Maybe we would be married with kids.

    Old interview from 2001:
    Minwoo: in 10 years we will be 23?
    Hyesung: What 23 ? 33.
    Minwoo: over 30.
    Hyesung: At that age, I should be married already.
    Minwoo: Me, too.

    MC: Where did wife and kids go?


    Hyesung: I remember saying in another video, at that time because our age would be over 30. At that age, we may not be able to dance anymore.

    Interview from 2000:
    Hyesung: When we reach 32, maybe dance group Shinhwa no longer exists, because it's impossible for six 32 year-old men to do hip-hop music.

    Junjin: I have gooseflesh now.

    Eric: Idol world living legend.

    MC: This is in the news now: "Shinhwa who debut in 1998 stand in the same stage as idols who were born in 1998." There are TWICE' DaHyun, GFriend's SinB and UmJi, Pristin's Cho KyulKyung, MC Gree, Cosmic Girls' SungSo. They are your sons' daughters' generation. Now we are welcoming Shinhwa's 20th anniversary, so for Shinhwa, Shinhwa is…..

    Hyesung: We've said before, it's family

    Junjin: That's right, family.

    Hyesung: Although we are not blood related, but we really like family.

    Eric: Before the concert, Minwoo has once said that Shinhwa was like living heart


    Minwoo: because it's always jumping (in Korean/Chinese, the word for 'beating' heart is jumping/leaping)

    Eric: Right, because it's always jumping (like Shinhwa).

    MC: Oooh, that's right.

    Minwoo: Thank you everyone who wishes us for our 20th anniversary. Because this year is our 20th anniversary, we will be doing a lot of activities. Hopefully it will receive lots of love and support. Thank you.

    All: We are Shinhwa!

    MC: Kpop's continuously active legendary idols, Shinhwa! We must also see you for your 30th.


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