sample letter for rent reduction/ đơn xin giảm tiền thuê tiệm nail


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please copy this:
Business name
Your name
100 central drive
Dallas, tx75064

Green Brown
Property Manager Top Properties Incorporated
100 N seconds street
New York, NY76896

Dear Green Brown,
Today I am writing you this to ask you to work with me on the rent payment because Coronavirus disaster.
I have been working hard to keep the business run at its highest profits. Since the Coronavirus are in the state, the Governor of Texas, and the county major have declared the “state of disaster”. Everybody is self-quarantine at home to stop the spread of the corona virus. We have no business at all.
I have been using your shop ever since I start my own business. I made good profit in the past few years. I paid the rent in time and full. I always keep my unit surrounding areas clean
Now I am facing to the lost of customers to the Coronavirus, I can’t able to pay the rent. I have no income. My wife and I are working in the same place. We have no income now. This is an American crisis. Please help us out.
If you have any idea on how to make this work, please let me know. I am happy to hear from you.
Thank you



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  1. Thue Mät bang có mät lam Khong ban,nge dai nói nhà nuoc cap cho hang thang, có Khong. O my chac suong lam hã ban.

  2. Ôi thời dịch ….ở đâu cũng thê thảm……….chúc Anna Ha vược qua sóng gió mùa dịch ……..khi nào rảnh ủng hộ giao lưu ….

  3. đơn xin giảm tiền thuê tiệm nail,đại dịch cái gì cũng khó khăn hết,ở việt nam giờ cũng vậy thôi


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