PART I BEN THANH Market Ho Chi Minh City – Cheap Shopping in VIETNAM's Largest market 2019


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Hey Guys!

This is shopping guide to the largest market in Vietnam – BEN THANH. located in Ho Chi Minh City.

This video is the first part of the two part video series on Ben Thanh market. This video will cover the indoor market.

Watch this video to know about:
1. How to get to Ben Thanh
2. What to Buy
3. How much to Pay
4. What to eat

This market is a very unique one and will give you a glimpse into the vietnamese culture and way of life. We spent about about 4 hours here and shopped quite a bit which I will show you in the video.

Watch the second part of the video to know more about the night market of BEN THANH.
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  1. Hey Guys! This is part 1 of the Ben Thanh Market video. This part covers the indoor market. Also do check out Part 2 of this video series for the night market. Enjoy! 🙂

  2. Price give by you are not wright because 1 rupee is equal to 336 dong how they give coffee in 100 😂😂😂😂😂feku people

  3. Loved your videos in this quarantine, thanks for the info and aditi was cute but you are just a sweetheart

  4. AVOID BEN TANH MARKET. We just got back and went there a few times over 3 weeks. The place is an abusive, expensive rip off.
    We've been going to SE Asia for decades and my wife is SE Asian. We're far from spoiled naive spoiled tourists.
    Two basic types like this place; 1) New or naive travelers 2) Travelers who spend like they're in the west.
    A couple wild cards might be; 1) battered wife types who feel they deserve abusive treatment 2) guilty liberals, making excuses for their behavior -like I did.

  5. I showed your video on the coffee purchase and got the same price for the same quality of coffee without much effort 😂 thanks!

  6. i am travelling to Ho chi minh on 29th December, can you share mobile number..will talk with mail id is

  7. Umm… in your vid you mentioned 100VND for 250g of coffee beans or something. But when you said that, do you mean 100 000 VND? Please reply me

  8. Hi I have a doubt vnd 200 means 0.5smthng right or 200.000 ??? I didn't get it….Please convert in inr

  9. I really really want to go here after seeing this video.. too enticing …. please loan me your sweet friend to do some bargaining for me 🙂


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