Nintendo 64 Modding and Restoration – RGB and UltraHDMI mods with video quality comparison


Continuing on with the N64, after about 4 months of waiting I have finally managed to get myself an Ultra HDMI kit! So its time to do modding and restoration to a Nintendo 64 (N64). In this video I will show the process to install an UltraHDMI kit, a Voultar RGB Kit and a region free cart slot. Time to do a retro restore!

In addition we will compare the HDMI output to composite in several very popular games!

To pick up one of these 3D printed cartridge slots, you can pick on up here:

My Etsy page –

Music credits:

Intro song by Tristan Lohengrin :

Starfox Dubstep –

Star fox 8-bit Corneria –

Star Fox Star Wolf –

Super Mario Bros 3 Underwater Theme –

Super Mario 64: Bob-omb Battlefield – 8 Bit –

Shade Man Stage (Ghosts ‘N Goblins) 8bit FamiTracker Remix –

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  1. Can you still use the standard composite and S-video video modes while the RGB and HDMI mods are installed?

  2. It’s not worth the time to mod a n64 .. unless your bored and you like doing this stuff.. the only diff is you said it it’s just a bit brighter and it’s a bit smoother .. Now and days with all the emulations the game gets fixed.. I built an arcade machine and I’ve got multiple games of just 1 game just to have the comparisons and just bcuz whoever plays it usually goes with a specific console bcuz of there child hood so I download multiples of the same games.. games where ment to be fun and not necessarily bcuz if graphics. When graphix got pushed hard then game play started to suffer there was no more good stories there was no more I guess what they use to call “King of kids” in the school yard or just a .”badass” bcuz you could beat ghost and goblins or some other ridiculous hard ass game. Kids didn’t know nor did the parents what bits where and why it mattered.. even though graphix where being pushed a lil back then it was more so of the exclusives that turned people on to Nintendo or Sega. Then when PlayStation came out it was a big diff then Microsoft.. and the rest is history… This was a good video I would do this though just bcuz I’m board and I like to tinker with things like this, I got a lot of n64 as well as other consoles just for these reasons🤟🏾👍🏼✊🏽 keep up the videos on mods you did a good job explaining in depth .

  3. Pretty sure HDMI isn’t any better than RGB what so ever

    RGB already provides maximum separation of audio and all colours used to produce every on screen colour

    HDMI was introduced for 1080p resolution and now even higher bandwidth for 4k , these consoles are not 1080P.

    It’s just one of the newest inputs and carries both sound and picture through a single cable , that’s it .

  4. How does S-video look? I have a Japanese clear red console witch is not RGB mod compatible and because i live in Sweden we can use RGB with like 80 percent of tv:s made up until like 2018 i will say because on the newer tvs i have not seen rgb in on but back to the point can you RGB mod a clear red N64 some how or do i have to buy a new console? HDMI is to expensive in my opinion

  5. cant get the Ghost N Goblin 8 bit song its not there no more
    is there a way you can send it to me
    i would really appreciate you

  6. Looked to me like the RGB footage was in limited range setting (16-235) rather than full range (0-255). While I'd still opt for HDMI, I don't think this was a fair comparison.

  7. Bro this was awesome. Just recently discovered this channel. Love watching this kinda stuff. Would be cool to see you run Banjo-Kazooie on the HDMI

  8. Glad your N64 and it's dirt layers look actually NATURAL…Garage Sale Perfect.
    So many channels who "Fix-Up" a console INTENTIONALLY SPEW FAKE TIME FILTH all over a clean system, just so they can "Refurbish" it with their "mad skills" of soap and water. (We can tell when you do this).
    RGB can look JUST as good as the HDMI output with a BETTER Scaler, via the OSSC.

  9. wew when your from the future and people are starting to realize rgb/ultrahdmi isnt exactly worth it when a rad2x and m classic do a better job still tho cool to see a video of people soldering n64s and stuff way better then i can ;-;

  10. Step Away From My Gold!!!!

    (I will give a like to the one Person who can guess where that reference is From! Plus a Cookie))

  11. So I have nothing except a Pal N64 from childhood and a 55" plasma tv.

    And I'm in Australia.

    Can you RGB/HDMI a Pal console and if I RGB it because it's way cheaper can aid just use RGB into my plasma or do I need some converter to upscale the picture.

  12. Ps3 csme with component 720 p cables plug it into a ps2 cuz it compatible the cable with downscale to thebmax resolution the system is always putting out it msx 480 i interlaced s video how do i know this is true becuse intested it on god of war 2 and sould calibur 2 progrssive scan mode options on a hd tv no signal with av with 720p avs the signal comes through now i can play ps2 in s video without a old tv with the jack or a cable ur welcome son now why cant i just use a av to hdmi adapter cuz money aint a issue when it comes to perfext dark so what cable do i need were to buy it thats all i need to know

  13. Why haven't you disabled The cic
    Yes it is impossoble to jump a wire but getting a Chinese clone cartrige and soldering the cic in the cartrige to the cartrige port should work i reccommend removing The contact points in the cartrige ports yes The expansion Port has one


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