Monopoly (Speed Die)


Time for an oldie with a twist! Will a so-called Speed Die make the game of Monopoly more fun? How does the speed die even work? Let’s find out!

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All games are put through a series of tests to determine greatness. The outcomes go from Train Wreaks, some of the worst games in market, to Thrill Rides, the must have game for anyone. What will yours be? Maybe Stale Chips or a Wild Card? Maybe safe in the middle with Comfy Cruise? We will find out in this show.

Game: Monopoly (Speed Die) by Hasbro Games
Players: 2-6 from ages 8 and up
Time: Not Given
(Information from side of box)

Music (In Order):
Rock Intro 3 – by Audionautix (Rock Intro 3 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Need You – by Don Taylor

Fire Up My Heart – by Don Taylor

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  1. Yup, The rules in Monopoly for the speed die doesn't say anything about paying the double amount of rent from rolling the Mr. Monopoly guy. The other cons in Monopoly is that luxary tax was changed from $75 to $100. One of the community chest cards was changed of where you only get $10 from every player instead of $50 from every player. The phrase "It's your birthday" collect $10 from every player was copied off of one of the Disney's Monopoly games that had a community chest card saying, "It's your birthday".

  2. Why can't I just mortgage every property except the ones where I build hotels? Then the other player will have to go straight there every time they get the Monopoly man;)

  3. If you get a Mr. Monopoly, and you land on an owned space you have to pay the other person money, but where does it say you have to pay double. I think you got that wrong.


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