MLB NLDS 2016 San Francisco Giants at Chicago Cubs Game 1


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  1. I’d take Matt and John as announcers over Joe Buck. Heck Bob costas and Matt vasgersian wouldn’t be bat either

  2. I remember at this game, there was a guy behind me yelling CUETOOOO and a guy in front of me screamed,”SHUT THE FUCK UP” funniest shit I’ve ever seen

  3. EL MAGO my 2016 MVP!!! Dude was lights out in the postseason, dude started the W.S tone in the north side with his offense and defense at the end

    Thank you Baez for 2016!

  4. I was there will never forget JAVY homer. We all thought it was for sure gone but then the wind made it seem like it wouldn’t go out. We couldn’t see the ball at the end we all thought it was fought until e heard the bleachers screaming.

  5. If ESPN on ABC's play-by-play Mike Breen were to announce the Giants-Cubs game, he would yell and scream "Baez, hits into left field, Pagan looks back, "BANG!".

  6. My friend was at this game and unfortunately was in the bathroom when Baez went yard.

    He told me he heard this huge roar and well sadly he missed it.


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