MLB 2016 NLDS Cubs at Giants Game 4


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  1. Still can't believe I was there
    Game 3 after SF won, my buddies (big time SF fans) immediately said we gotta get tickets to Game 4 but I didn't want to go but they convinced me… All game seeing Matt Moore kill us for 8 innings and down 5-2 in the 9th, I was not feeling very good and thinking about how we'd face Cueto again… Then all the fucking craziness happened! I am usually a big time shit talker but taking the lead I was on so much shock and not rubbing it in. When we won I was crazy hyped and in my life I never hugged so many strangers in my life! All us Cubs fans were just so ecstatic at AT&T and it was amazing! To this day, still the best decision I've ever made in sports!!!

  2. 37:42: David Ross solo HR
    1:19:41: David Ross sac. fly
    2:19:15: Ben Zobrist RBI double
    2:22:14: Willson Contreras 2 RBI single
    2:26:01: Javier Báez RBI single
    2:35:17: Cubs advance to NLCS

  3. at 215:31. did that crowd realize they were about to get their mind blown, as well being part of the hugest piece of HISTORY!! unfolding right before their eyes?? this is the inning started EVERYTHING!!! ending with the final out in CLEVELAND in 10inn. for the BAUBLE!!!!

  4. oh DAVE RIGHETTI at 2:13:01 mk. I still remember that no-no dave threw in `83 on the 4th of july for the yanks. pretty cool

  5. man these CUBS weren`t 2 b TRIFLED !! with!!! 2. count `em. 2 California teams on the road 2 baseball/sports immortality get going w/ the GIANTS?? & their bitter rival(going back to their NEW YORK BURROUGHS days)DODGERS getting punched out!! the BEAR REPUBLIC state was ALWAYS!! a house of horrors for us. & we beat them both in drmatic fashion. I haven`t forgotten about the PADRES in`84 either. them also. once we did in these 2 teams, u knida knew the `16WS was gonna b sumth`in. & SWEET 16 it was!!!

  6. Cubs suck playing in the west against the giants and dodgers so you know 2016 was magical they won 3 games in the west 1 in San Francisco and 2 in LA

  7. I love how Contreras weak ground ball just missed Will Smith's hand and still made it up through the middle of the infield. (2:22:11)
    What a lucky hit.

  8. im a little surprised bryant has stayed at first base? are you a fcking idiot ? down three stealing second means nothing right now base runners mean everything

  9. That thumbnail is fucking hilarious. Thanks for uploading this, nothing better than watching the Giants collapse.

  10. Pretty positive Chapman may be the worst teammate ever. Look at how he reacted 2:35:45. That wasn't the first time I saw react like that in the playoffs, the guy is a jerk.

  11. I remember seeing on Twitter when (I think) Rivera was warming up that he "was missing on every pitch." That was when I started to think that the Cubs could pull this off. This is such a forgotten-about moment in that magical run but it was certainly special and it was further proof that this team was different than all of the other years. Hoping for another year like that this year.

  12. Sports are scripted

    There was a 1986 mets tribute in the top of the 9th before the comeback by the Cubs who resemble the 1986 Mets, a great team that every one thought would be a dynasty and they turned out to be a one and done.
    Then in the bottom of the 9th Vasgergian mentions how the Giants haven't lost an elimination game since 2003 against the Marlins, the team that beat the Cubs in that famous year of Steve Bartman.
    It was the Cubs turn to finally win it all this year being foreshadowed in the NLDS.


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