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Let’s play Fresh Body part 1. Fresh Body gameplay revolved around the concept of slaying zombies and monsters, then collecting their remains and fusing them with your own to boost your abilities! Fresh Body is a rogue-lite game that includes some checkpoints, as well as some permanent upgrades.

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Steam Description:
“Fresh Body game is rogue-like action game with a strange story and weird body system. Defeat your enemies and take their body parts to change yours and become stronger.

Fresh Body gameplay is a hardcore rogue-like action game. Discover a dark world with monsters and nightmares walking around you. Kill them to collect body parts like legs, chest or head and combine them to win skills and abilities. Transform yourself in a monster to progress and defeat more powerful monsters.
Build the Fresh Body character you want and adapt your play style modifying your body to the enemies you encounter.”

Fresh Body is on Steam NOW in Early Access!


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Intro music provided by Alec Shea:

Nguồn: https://khudothidongvan.com/

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  1. For anyone new to this series, I recommend just skipping straight to this video! I started a new file where I edit things more tightly together, and advance much more quickly overall! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csLMDLmxw-I

  2. Saw this on Steam and it t sounded amazing. But I need to watch the other parts to be sure since I've been impulsively buying games this past month lol

  3. Gameplay starts at 1:40
    I apologize for the long intro, I have learned since this came out to not waste as much time at the top of a video. Cheers!

  4. This is a really nifty looking game, kinda takes the binding of Issac idea and tweaks it a bit. I too like the way the levels are layed out, this could definitely be a game I pick up. Keep up the phenomenal work man.


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