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download sample letter to rent reduce:
Anna Ha
Mar 24, 2020

Landlord or Apartment name
Dear (landlord name),
I want to contact to you today to ask if we could lower/ waive my rent for this month or maybe next month. I love to live here. I have been living here for a while now. Due to the Corona virus crisis going on, I can’t work and neither my wife. I have the small kids to take care too. The finances have been difficult for me and my family. A reduction or waive in rent would go a long way in helping for us right now.
It is important to me be a good and responsible tenant. I have always paid my rent on time and in full. I have maintained the apartment in good condition. I have been kind and respectful to you and the neighborhoods
I have been research into the rent in this area. I believe a rent reduction will reasonably compared to what others.
I would like to request a $$$$ reduction of my monthly rent (or all of the rent) temporary until the government say we can get back to our normal activities.
There are many benefits to you If I stay. You don’t have a vacancy, the money to spent to be ready for the new tenant to come in, the money you miss for vacancy space.
In return, I will be continuing to be a tenant you would please. I am so please to live here; I hope we can come to some agreement. Let me know your thought at your convenience.
Thank you

Your name and signed
Apartment address
Your phone number
Your email address

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  1. Xin giảm tiến nhà trọ cho thuê chia sẻ có ý nghĩa lắm chị cùng nhau phát triển nhé

  2. Hay quá chị Anna ơi , trong lúc này thì Mina nghỉ sẽ có rất nhiều gđ cần được giảm tiền theo nhà mà không biết cách viết đơn . Giờ chị đã giúp được rất nhiều gđ 👍👍

  3. chào bạn bạn tốt quá đã chia sẻ cho mọi người biết cách làm đơn giảm tiền thuê nhà trong mùa dịch này

  4. In this situation, the job does not have the cost but also has to cost, cut something or that, thank you for sharing how to apply for landlords to reduce the rent, wish you success and happiness happy peace

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  10. Maggaya nga din yan. Need natin yan lalo na ngayon wala tayong mga work tapos yan pa pinaka malaking expenses ang rent.


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