How to SKETCH Like a PRO! – Tools, Tips and Tricks!


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  1. I love your artworks and tutorials… but why do you keep spelling 'colour' the American way when you're an Aussie??

  2. This is the first video I ever saw and now I’m subscribed and have new inspiration for drawing and I love it more than ever!

  3. Sometimes to help me relieve the anxiety over needing to make a masterpiece during the sketching phase is to pretend that it WILL be a masterpiece but unfortunately i will meet an untimely end and my successor will have to use just my sketch/notes to be able to render it the way it was meant to be in all it's splendid glory. Which basically means get as much info into a sketch without actually giving a fuck what it looks like so when you come back to it later to make it into something bigger everything you need will be there but you didn't have to go nuts trying to make sure Draft 1 was as good as Draft 100.
    More often then not the sketch is more successful because I suddenly don't care that these proportions aren't exactly right or that eye is lopsided because those are clearly things that can be fixed. You could delegate those fixes to someone. You probably couldn't delegate the main idea or vision you have unless there is something on the paper.

  4. Thanks for going over the best sketch books and other supplies this helps coming from a great artist like yourself

  5. The weird thing is that I sketch TOO LIGHTLY and become too afraid to darken them because they just won't look the same 😭

  6. Step one: get your sketchbook
    Me: hhmm… My drawing skills aren't that high-leveled yet… I'll just stick to school books and notebooks

  7. Love how he uses his drawing talents to teach other people 🙂 btw i have been a fan for so long rip the background art work :((

  8. Heyy guyzz if you want to see sketching of amazing marvel characters check out👇

  9. When I watched this the third time after awhile, you scribbling all over the blank paper made me feel a new sense of anxiety.
    I realise now that I am way more nervous about making things not look ugly now.
    I need to work on that.

  10. I love sketches more than the finished product itself
    I think about it like this: Sketches are like homemade porn videos and finished products are like professionally filmed porn videos
    Sometimes you prefer one sometimes you prefer the other


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