How to Share a Printer in Windows 10 on Local Network


How to Share a Printer in Windows 10 on Local Network

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How to Share a Printer on a Home Network ? Most house’s have loads of devices in there homes and most only have one printer, in this video I will show you how you can share that printer on the local network to all devices in that home. As long as your printer can connect to the network, you should be able to share that printer across the home network to all the devices in your home. Phones, Tablets, Laptops, PC and more. I will show you step by step on how to configure and share network printer in Windows 10

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  1. These instructions came as a breath of fresh air – informative and easy to follow. I was fine up as far as 9:34, when W10 on the laptop declared that the laptop does not have permission to access the PC (to which the printer is connected) despite listing it as one of the PC options! What am I missing here please?

  2. Excellent video. very simple and easy to understand. My daughter can now print her school work. Thanks a bunch.

  3. Like allways: NO COMMENT! Hi Brian; because I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Costy from France! Yesterday I met in my opinon, to my knolidge level, a really problem. What's about: my son-in- law has an all-in-one HP pc very efficient, the 8th generation I think but OMG it is KO; the computer does not want or cannot recognize the keyboard; I have tried almost all the procedures, including those suggested by Microsoft but…nothing; same message. Please if you have something for me, let me know! "Merci beaucoup" and "Je te souhaite une excellente journée"!

  4. Can you Please make a video on how to fix your Graphics Card does not support aero themes in windows 7 I have this Problem on my Windows 7 Computer and When I TroubleShoot it says your your Graphics Card does not support aero themes this sucks can you make a tutorial on how to fix this problem

  5. Awesome Brian. This is always one of the worst things to do in Win10. I can never remember all that. This goes in favorites immediately. 😁👍

  6. Sir ….i need your help to solve a problem in my laptop . Please give me your any personal chat account .

  7. Thanks Brian, As usual a very detailed tutorial.
    But am I correct in stating you would still need to install the Full Software Suite from Manufacture to get full functionality, such as scanning , fax etc?

  8. Your timing is excellent. I am currently in the process of purchasing additional PC components for another build, and plan to begin a home network setup after my oldest daughter moves out in a few months. Her room becomes my hobby/gaming/streaming room and I want to move all of the network equipment into there to "clean-up" the living room. Excellent information and explanation of this process. Thank you Bryan. This video will be watched several times before I am ready to create my home network.

  9. In my opinion, I think this is one of the trickiest steps in printer sharing. However, when someone comes along and explains it simply, like Britec, it doesn't seem so complicated. Thanks Brian for your continued hard work👍


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