How to Play "RAGE CAGE OR SLAP CUP" by the Game Doctor (Drinking Game)


The name of the game is Rage Cage, also known as Slap Cup. There are three important rules to the game:

1: You are only allowed to slap the cup of the person to your right.
2: Bounce the ball into your cup on the first try and pass the cup off to anyone except the person bouncing.
3: Bounce the ball into your cup in two attempts or more then simply slide the cup off to the right.

If you catch up to a person still attempting to bounce their ball and you score yours in before theirs, slap their cup away and pass your cup to the player after them. The player who got their cup slapped away must drink from a cup in the center of the table then resume bouncing.


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  1. Apparently, this doctor screwed up the prescription- "malpractice"Rage cage and slap cup are two different games. Rage cage stacks not slaps.. 😓


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