How To Make A Wall Mounted Entertainment Center


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This wall mounted entertainment center is loaded with features.
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(1) Door Hinge
(2) 12in Drawer Slides
(2) Smart Phone Wireless Charger
(2) Pull Handle
(1) 3/4in Plywood
(2) 1 by 2 select pine
– 5 port Anker Charger
– Pocket hole screws
– 1/4in Dowels
– WIFI LEDs Strip Kit

Vinyl wrap and tools:
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1 Vinyl wrap
1 Vinyl Gloves
1 Vinyl knife
1 Vinyl Spreader

Tools used:
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Circular Saw-
Vacuum Hose –
Table Saw –
Sander –
Router –
Stud finder

Woodworking Plans (Big Bundle)

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—————-Camera and recording equipment I use ——-
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Camera – Nikon D5500 –
Mic to record to computer –
Mic to Record to the Camera
SD Card
Camera Slider

Adobe Premiere (Video Edit)
Adobe Photoshop (Photoshop)
Sketchup (3D Modeling software)

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    ඔවුන්ගේ නඩුව එය දැනටමත් නැති වී ඇති බව ඔවුන් දැන සිටියහ මක්නිසාද යත් සංස්කෘතිය යුක්ති සහගත ය

  2. sir, you are awesome, I just love watching your videos even though I know nothing about woodwork. please can I buy this tv wall table

  3. The professionalism of the video editing on top of your craftsmanship is really impressive.
    And I am SO jealous of your workshop and tools! Bravo

  4. New idea let someone hire you to design his home let it include everything and make each room episodes that will be a good content for your channel ❤

  5. All this is beautiful and all but there is ZERO air circulation inside the drawers so either you take the drawer out when watching something on the blu-ray or when playing the ps4 or you can let everything get hot fry and die inside

  6. I bought the hinges that were mentioned in the video. Are there any tips on how far apart from the cabinet and the board should they be screwed on? I can’t seem to get it right when trying them on two scrap pieces. Thanks

  7. Hey there. Either I've missed it – but I didn't see any screws holding this Entertainment Center after it's mounted on the cleats.. My kids would lift it if not properly secured. All in all – awesome idea and design – LOVE it!!!


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