How to create a new shipping method in Magento 2


Hi everybody, I am Cuong, Welcome back to my Magento 2 tutorial video series.
Today, I am going to show everybody a best practice, How to create a new shipping method in Magento 2.

By default, Magento 2 provides us some shipping methods as Flat Rate, Free Shipping, Table Rates, UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, you can see these shipping methods by going to the Stores → Settings → Configuration → Sales → Shipping Methods.

If you don’t want to use these shipping methods, you can create a new custom shipping method via your requirements, this practice will help you to do it working.

Let’s do this practice, you need to follow steps by step:

Step 1: Declaring a new module called PHPCuong_ShippingExpress
– Create the namespace PHPCuong in the path appcode.
– Create the module named ShippingExpress in the path appcodePHPCuong.
– Create the file named registration.php in the path appcodePHPCuongShippingExpress
– Create the file named module.xml in the path appcodePHPCuongShippingExpressetc

End of the step #1, I have been completed the step to create a new module called PHPCuong_ShippingExpress.

Step 2: Declaring a new shipping method
– Create the new file system.xml in the path appcodePHPCuongShippingExpressetcadminhtml

– Create the new file config.xml in the path appcodePHPCuongShippingExpressetc
This file helps us to set the default value for the new shipping method.

– Create the new file Express.php in the path appcodePHPCuongShippingExpressModelCarrier

Step 3: Test and See the results
Run the commands line following:
php bin/magento setup:upgrade –keep-generated
php bin/magento cache:flush

Go to the backend Stores → Settings → Configuration → Sales → Shipping Methods.
the new shipping method has been created successfully.
Enable this shipping method and test it on the storefront.

Go to the storefront, add a product to the shopping cart and go to the checkout page.

Yeah, it works perfectly.

For now, I try to change the price.

Thank you for your watching. If you have any questions about this practice please feel free to leave a comment below.

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Get the source codes of this practice in the Github


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  1. Thanks for the video.
    it works 100% with me.

    and please help me to find the solution for custom 'table rates' pricing customization method.
    the existing method has only a few options, ['Country'/'Region/StateZip'/'Postal Code'/'Condition'/'Shipping Price']
    I need city selector by 'city' [*], not by 'county' or 'zip/postal-codes' 
    (I going to use this cart for only 1 'country' -> without properly using postal & codes/zip codes)
    shipping rates "Destination vs Price" may vary by a new -> 'city name' can select by 'city name' on dropdown list for easy use.


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