We added some floating shelves above the serving bar in our kitchen! The plans originally came from Rogue Engineer and then we just shortened them to fit our space.


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  1. My little sister and I are here cos we’re watching the first result of random words. This is “shelf.” Thanks for your shelf wisdom

  2. Always keep a thin trim nail ,tap with hammer until the proper sound then dial it on in by nailing small surface trim nail until u find it . In your case use whatever I mean you know your going to cover any damaged sheet rock with your shelf ,it looks great btw

  3. when a man makes mistake, he tries to blame the wife. Even if he thought she said it was on the left, why would he not have heard the difference and looked in the hole to see the stud?

  4. Here is a good trick to find a stud which I use every time when finding mine! U just need any type of magnet and then slowly move it over the drywall until it gets stuck. Then you mark that spot with a pencil, because what you are marking is the nail when the drywall was originally hung. Then if u go down or up right from the first nail you’ll see where all the nails on that stud are located at. No stud finder, no batteries, no money spent

  5. this wasnt what I was looking for, but I like it! Cool design for the supports, ill definitely be keeping that in mind.

  6. Michael has himself a beautiful African princess, a little nerdy which is a plus…you go Michael….your the stud, you didn't need to buy one….lol

  7. I would’ve got the belt sander to some of those edges. You can see them on the close up shot. Over all good job

  8. Just curious about the pocket holes. If the back is getting screwed into the wall then why not just drill from the backside of the 2 x 4 that’s getting mounted?

  9. I think you did an awesome job. Just note that when talking without a mic during the windy season, you are unable to be heard..😊

  10. What color is that ? It's real nice I want that color for my livingroom and thanks both of u I learned how to do the shelves

  11. Just stop with the pocket holes. And tell the old lady to go inside and make the sandwiches, collard greens or whatever………


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