How AI Can Elevate The Consumer Shopping Experience


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With nearly 10% of US shoppers buying groceries online, AI can help both grocery stores and consumers be as efficient as possible. AI can ultimately provide consumers a personalized, seamless shopping experience.


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How AI Can Elevate The Consumer Shopping Experience


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  1. forcasting models ? i dont want a frecken mind reader i want to choose my own product i dont buy the same stuff all the time either so how is ai going to predict that?

  2. I believe a day would come when no one will talk to anyone and it'll be shocking to interact with someone or watching someone talking to someone… Modern technologies have minimised the interaction between people because you know all now using tech and no one needs to talk to anyone…

  3. Nice talk but lots and lots of issues around this matter. One of the few things on this channel I wish they hadn't uploaded

  4. this type of tech doesn't really give the consumer a better experience; what this tech does is push more choices or products in front of the consumers attention causing the consumer to purchase more and most likely more of things they don't need; this tech allows retail companies to extract more monies from the consumer; it isn't really better for the consumer…gawd I hate the future that is being foisted on us…

  5. This only benefits the seller. Consumers don’t need this. More and more I see millennials abandoning technology for a simpler way. A way to incorporate technology so that it’s not invasive but helpful

  6. I always feel that with increasing technology to analyze user preferences, the less room the user will have to be creative and try new things. Am I missing something here?

  7. AI has been widely deployed for less than a decade. Yet Google has already proven to us that it cannot be trusted to do what this video proposes: tell us what we want. We didn't even have time to decide if we like it better than the old deterministic methods before Google (and the other tech giants) started weaponizing it to further a political agenda. No thanks, I'll make my own decisions.

  8. Does anyone else not give a f*** about “farm to table” tracking? Yes, support our farmers, but why do you need to track it?


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