Hanoi's Largest Indoor Market – Dong Xuan Market


It’s surprising how Hanoi’s largest indoor market feels so claustrophobic and small. Explore the market with us as we negotiate our way through and make small talk in Vietnamese.
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Exploring the Dong Xuang market, which is the largest indoor market in Hanoi, was anxiety producing. lol There is so much wholesale shopping crammed into such a tiny space. We were able to find everything from souvenirs to clothing and shoe knock offs. If you were to ask where the best place to shop in Hanoi was, this wouldn’t be on the top of my list but is defiantly a must see. This is especially true if you are staying in the old quarter or even just shopping in the old quarter.

As always thank you so much for watching!

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  1. some people say Hello or Đẹp quá( beautiful) so loud because of vietnamese accent. They are so excited to see you so they do it. Never mind if you don't like.

  2. I heard people talk some things about you: she speaks vietnamese so good, she is very beautiful in vietnamese.😁😁

  3. I love your Camera strap, we have struggled finding anything good. Your Vlog was great but this is obviously on my mind. Haha!

  4. Never go on vacation to Vietnam!!!! And tell all of my friends to not go there! They are savages!! They kill dogs for meat, you see killed dog on the streets on a table to sell!

  5. we're going to this place tomorrow, and thought we'd check out your video here! it's AMAZING how Anette speaks local language, how does she learn & speak so fast?!? and honestly after watching the video, we're not sure if we wanna go anymore LOL not sure If we'd be able to keep our smile after being pushed or slapped..

  6. Most big markets (by VN standard) in big cities are the whole salers, their shops mainly for displaying & their main customers are small pendors/restauranteurs fr small towns, districts come to buy in large quantities & resell to end users. Those small entrepreneurs may come to HN & HCM.C from as far as Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Africa. I personally know 2 African entrepreneurs who married VN wives & had children. They purchased pottery, ceramics, footwears, leathers, upholstery, textiles, garments, haberdashery, mobilephones, light torches, electronics… they buy by a container then ship accross the Indian Ocean. The Chinese may also come to buy tea, coffee, rice, fruits, seafoods after selling tons of cheap made in China products. We're small backwater countries we don't have big guns to colonise the others; so we settle for some small non glamorous trades to make the living.

  7. The Vietnamese people are definitely not as nice as the Thai people. I got man handled many times at the Vietnamese markets, I can’t believe Annette got slapped, that crazy, what did she do? By the way Annette your Vietnamese is really good. Hope you’re both well. Xx


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