Handheld History – Turok on Game Boy


The Turok series is probably best known for the groundbreaking games on N64…but I’m not going to talk about those here.

No, instead let’s take a look at the Game Boy entries in the series…and whether they were worthy supporting acts for their home console big brothers.

I also got a hold of the lead programmer for 4 of the titles, Isidro Gilbert, to give his input on the challenges his team faced when creating these portable entries in the series.

Full text interview with Isidro Gilabert:

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  1. "We wanted to make it the best farewell to the series we could" That line… Makes me feel so goddamn sentimental… Damn 🙁

  2. Good reviews and fair points about all the games but i've yet to play any titles beyond Turok 2 for GBC. On a side note, a wave of nostalgia hit me when you pulled out that planet gameboy magazine at the end. I had that exact issue and remember the grinning girl holding the brand new gbc like it was yesterday !

  3. sorry mate but these games are not too hard. its a defining feature of these games. there is also a bigger accomplishment feeling for a player if he is able to finish a level like this. yes its more frustrating but also more rewarding. this was the intention so yeah. Me as a child was able to beat most of those games on age 8-10 so there is no valid point there

  4. Something tells me this guy just hates a hard game lol, that seems to be his biggest problem with these games.

  5. Turok Evolution really was an underrated gem for the GBA. I played it almost all of the time as a kid. So much so that I remember secrets and that I actually got pretty good at the game. The music in this game is probably one of the best I've heard in a GBA too.

  6. 🖐The disrespect 😩 I recently replayed the first 2 on my phone because I enjoyed them so much as a kid and nothing has changed for me. Did you listen to the soundtrack?? We're talkin Poke-level here man – and you didn't even address that 👁 Idk if you played em back in the day, but they were just as difficult as the rest of games back then, 'cept for some of the Mega Man titles of course and R-Type.
    Going back thru these I had an even greater appreciation of their design for the time. I remember loving being responsible for my ammo and finally feel like I wasn't playing a child's game. So slow your role jabroni 😁 But thank you for evoking this response and for letting me know about Rage Wars… I gotta play that 😎

  7. Turok 1 has a different boss called the campaigner…
    Lord Tyrannus the main bad guy in Turok evolution survived.
    We need another game to finish the Lord Tyrannus! Or there will be no peace in the fan base!

  8. Turok evolution on gba was a ton of fun! I agree, it was tough, but it's a matter of git gud and destroy everything in your path. 100% worth an honest playthrough though!

  9. About Turok 1 on GB: "Levels are too labyrinth, with irritantingly placed enemies, frequently frustating platforming, almost nonexistent signposting and scarce checkpoints". A very faithful port of the N64 game, then.

  10. I would often play the game boy color game at my dentist office. They had game boys hooked up to each chair.

  11. I have the first turok on GB. Never beat it because I believe around that time this person I let borrow my GB never returned it to me.

  12. I beat today Turok 2, it has his flaws, but is a REAAAAALLY fun Game on the Gameboy 🙂
    A Tipp : The last to Letters on the Passwords are your Lifes, NL is 8 Lifes 🙂

  13. As a huge fan of the old Turok games, I was already curious about the handheld games. Despite your reviews being somewhat negative, there was a lot here that made me even more attracted to these games.

    As such, I have picked up all but Evolution and Battle of the Bionosaurs.

    My thoughts are that yes they are challenging, but far from impossible. The games keep surprising with a lot of different level styles and things to do. The music is also phenomenal. I have not made a huge amount of headway yet in all the games, but I have consistently had fun.

    Now I would say that it is helpful to play with a FAQ as finding a manual is very hard, which sort of clears up things like the first level of Turok 2, which is quite unique in concept.

    There are some inconsistencies in design between level styles, but imo Bit Managers did a great job. I would love to chat with the developers myself at some point as I feel I could learn a lot from them.

    In conclusion, I would recommend at least 2, 3, and Rage Wars at least to people who like challenging shooters and platformers.

  14. Lost it at the baked beans line

    Seriously though, this was an enjoyable review. I can understand the frustration of difficult old school games, but I think the very fact they are old means we should cut them a little slack. They were hardly alone in the difficulty department. I recently bought turok 2 for gb and am enjoying it. I fully intend to get the "set of handheld turok games as I have the n64 set already. Definitely favourites of mine.

    Anyway your review was informative and funny. Looking forward to watching more.

  15. i think i would still grab turok 3 and evolution just because i need more game boy color and advance games for my collection !

  16. Talk about the good turok games on the N64.Just show them until ''Rage Wars'' that wasn't that good ,opposed to Shadow Of Oblivion which was much better.What a weird choice xD.Other than that,good video.

  17. I'm playing Battle of the Bionosaurs at the moment and I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit. It definitely is a bit too punishing with the pixel perfect jumps, and lack of health pick ups but the gameplay is very solid. The music, as you mentioned, is really great too. I'm also a fan of Evolution on the GBA, and I found that the game got easier after the first few levels as the guns get ridiculously powerful. Anyway, great work! (Sorry, I know I'm commenting a lot but I'm catching up on your old videos.)


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