Grande Hunts 18 "Deer Chimes"


Came up with an easy low cost alarm for my motorized deer feeder, “Deer Chimes!!!” Some folks think that the louder noise will spoke game but when they hear it 24/7 they’ll know that once that loud noise sounds only means one thing, food! Also added a new segment to my vids, “Grande Outtakes”. Let me know what you think about the outtakes segment & your feedback will determine it’s fate. Also thanks to the DeepFriedKing for my new animated Channel logo. Shout Out to the “Hog Zone Killin’ Crew” group on facebook. Sure is fun. If you hadn’t seen it yet go check it out & request to be added. Thanks agin to all my new subscribers. I appreciate every single one of you. Don’t forget please SUBSCRIBE, RATE & COMMENT.

“Music: Kevin MacLeod”


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  1. Good video and keep the outtakes
    May I make a friendly suggestion?! Drill a hole in the center of the can…tie a nut to the end of a string and then tie a knot in the string about 2 inches from the nut and then thread the string through the can and then tie the can to the bottom of the feeder… what you have then is a double dinner bell! When the corn hits it it rings and when the wind blows it rings again the deer will get use to the sound and then know it’s the dinner bell

  2. You need to simplify the sound, you have to be able to easily repeat it when you have to remove these off-season automatic feeders. You'll have to be changing the beer cans too often. Soup and bean cans won't dent or crumple over time. I owned a few Feeder Repeaters until my maw threw them out, though they were junk. Just found out the company put out Refeeder, but I found it years too late, the authors were banned from selling it anywhere near the USA. So I'm building my own app.

  3. @fracwilt Your rt about it's not anyone's deer. We feed yr rd & they just throw corn on the ground during hunting season. In Dec. I witnessed a small doe cross the property line & seconds later heard the blast. Legal but un ethical but to each his own. I'm gonna continue to help Jesse make his land the 1st choice for all the game. Happy to report we still have lots of deer on our cams which means those boys didnt wipe out all the deer.Thanks for watching & yes I'm excitied about next season.

  4. @camargopark1985 Had a lot of fun making this so if it works it's all gravy. Thanks for your continued support & input.

  5. @dnahoghunter Thanks Darak. I really appreciate you extending the olive branch of knowledge. My ears & eyes are always opened. Thanks again.

  6. @hogchaser85 ILMAO! Dude those ideas are great. Thing that ticks me off the most is that they only throw corn on the ground when they meat hunt while we feed yr round on my cousins property. We looked up the owner & he's been there 25yrs so we might as well try not to start a war. Looks like the Outtakes will stay. Thanks for your input Chase.

  7. maybe they think you're tryin to lure their deer onto your land. they're not really anyones deer, just saying. hope the trick works out for ya Cip. good luck next season!

  8. Lol I like how the out takes are at the beginning and the end! Man my west fence line is getting hunted hard by my neighbors. The best trick my uncle taught me was to park the truck in view of his blind. Or spray paint a target on the side of his blind!

  9. Cool video Cip, ya need to keep the outtakes, when you were shaking those cans I thought a dude with a very large and fat guitar was gonna walk up behind you LMAO!

  10. @LoneStarSurfandTurf Man that's an awesome idea Mr Lewis. Who needs a remote control unit when you have that? Lol. Like I mentioned to Snort I'm a huge fan of BHC so I'm honored. Thanks for your continued support & the added idea. Who knows, we might be on to something. Lol.

  11. Hey man…that's a great idea Sip!! You can keep a can or 2 in your blind with some corn in em, and call the deer in, haha…might work!! Txbucksnort called it…BDC, haha!! Great video Sip!!

  12. @TXBucksnort Hey I'm a huge fan of BHC so I'm honored for you to say that. We've got cameras on the 4 feeders that got the new jewelry. If it works, I need to run & get a patent. Lol. If it don't then the only thing it cost me was about 10 ft of the Catfish line which I already had in my gear since we use it for the Hog trap. Just remember where you 1st saw it Snort. Lol. I had fun putting this together so anything else will be icing on the cake. Thanks for watching the BDC. 😉

  13. @archersfriend I like those bell ideas. I can hang with Shiner Bock or Heineken but Dos Equis & Bud Light visit the ice chest more often. Lol.

  14. @2024JayZ Thanks Jason. I got a camera on each feeder. We shall see. Anyways it was fun putting it together. Take care bro.

  15. Boy howdy, you spared no expense. Just a suggestion, use the small bells that folks put on their fishing poles and trot lines. They should make more noise, but get ready to dig a little deeper in the hunting Slush Fund. May need to drink Pabst instead of Coronas or Shiner Bock to fund the project.

  16. @crippycrippy Glad ya liked it. They actually sell extra loud spinner plates for the motors for about 30.00 that use the same loud noise idea. This is just something people can do at camp with left over can food cans. Thanks for watching & commenting.


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