Furry Force Part 2 – Furry Superheroes Get Even Grosser


America’s Grossest Kids Cartoon Returns! Furry Force Part 2.
Episode 1 –

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Victor Vivisector – Adam Conover
Furancis – Adam Conover
Leon – Brian Murphy
Hip Hop – Adam Conover
Callie – Emily Axford
Trang – Rachel Ilg
President – Sam Reich
General – Sam Reich
Writer – Adam Conover
Brian Murphy
Producer – Sam Kirkpatrick
President of Original Content – Sam Reich
Vice President of Production / Executive Producer – Spencer Griffin
Director of Production – Sam Sparks
Director of Post Production – Michael Schaubach
Production Manager – Sam Kirkpatrick
Casting Director – Chrissy Fiorilli-Ellington
Post Production Supervisor – Evan Watkins
Post Production Coordinator – Andrew Mallonee
Head Assistant Editor – Phil Fox
Production Legal – Karen Segall
Production Accountant – Christine Rodriguez
Animation – Smiley Guy Studios
Executive Producer – Smiley Guy Studios – Jonas Diamond
Producer – Smiley Guy Studios – Mike Valiquette
Production Manager – Smiley Guy Studios – Julie Otten
Director – Smiley Guy Studios – Rich Duhaney
Storyboards – Smiley Guy Studios – Marko Bajic
Concept Designs – Smiley Guy Studios – Peter Habjan
Mike Valiquette
Background Design – Smiley Guy Studios – Michael Linington
Vladimir Kato
Character Rigging – Smiley Guy Studios – Joel Chahal
Joseph Lague
Sean Wickett
Animation – Smiley Guy Studios – Andre Guindi
Michael Linington
Rich Duhaney
Compositing – Smiley Guy Studios – Joel Gregorio
Editor – Smiley Guy Studios – Andrew McIntyre
Sound Design & Mix – Smiley Guy Studios – Paul O’Brien

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  1. You know that your weapon is so horrific when you're an army general and not even you can stand to look at it

  2. The bad guy isn't even really a bad guy. He's just extremely grossed out and likes parking lots for some reason. The furry force should be arrested for indecent exposure.


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