Funan Mall Singapore Shopping Tour (Grand Opening 2019)


Funan Mall Singapore Shopping Tour is a video recording of my walk with no talking.
✈️ Jewel Changi Airport Mall on its grand opening –

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Funan Mall Singapore Info:
Funan (Chinese: 福南) is a mixed-use development comprising a retail mall, two office towers and a serviced apartment tower in the Civic District in Singapore. The new development was built on the site of the former building known as Funan DigitaLife Mall.

The original mall first opened in January 1985 as Funan Centre, which provided more options for shoppers to shop at other than Orchard Road. In the early 90s, the mall began to attract a critical mass of electronic and IT retailers over the years. It’s main and the long-time anchor tenant is Challenger Superstore, a major homegrown IT store established in 1984, taking up the entirety of the top floor. In 1992, the mall was refurbished. It later adopted the name Funan The IT Mall in 1997 to reflect its current focus on IT related products and gadgets. In 2005, the mall received minor upgrades, such as adding an external escalator and reconfiguring shops. It was then renamed again to Funan DigitaLife Mall upon completion of refurbishment works.

In late 2015, the mall’s owner, CapitalMall Trust, announced plans to redevelop the mall into an experimental creative hub on its site, comprising a retail mall, a residential tower, and two office towers. To make way for the new development, Funan Digitalife Mall ceased operations on June 30, 2016, and was subsequently demolished by the end of 2016.

In September that year, Capitamalls Trust announced a landmark development replacing Funan Digitalife Mall, called Funan. The mall will comprise many firsts in Singapore, such as a dedicated cycling lane on every floor of the mall, a first-of-its-kind Golden Village cinema with multi-sensory experiences and a high tech food court with a conveyor belt system and self-ordering kiosks by Kopitiam. It will also feature a rock climbing wall, operated by Climb Central, and online to offline shopping. One of the floors in the mall will be dedicated to IT products. There will also be sports facilities too, such as futsal courts and a swimming pool. The redeveloped Funan is slated for completion at the end of 2019.

In April 2017, another slew of anchor tenants was announced, with the mall 25% leased. These include an 18,000 sq ft theatre by W!ld Rice, which will seat 380 people with an innovative thrust stage design, Carrie K, a local artisan jeweler, and Keepers, a collection of Singaporean artist-designers. The latter two will set up a flagship location at the mall. 2 tenants of the previous building are also slated to return, including AddOn Systems and TK Photo. AddOn will operate Lenovo’s largest service centre in Singapore and TK Photo will have a dedicated test zone for drone photography. Fairprice Finest will be the mall’s supermarket operator, launching a futuristic supermarket that complements Funan’s digital edge.

In September 2018, the opening date was announced to be brought forward to June 2019, as the building’s construction works are progressing faster than expected. The development will use facial recognition technology to offer shoppers’ recommendations, based on gender and age. Shoppers can also search for their car in the basement car parks, as there will be a video system that can record licence plates. New tenants announced include Brompton Bicycle, which will be its Singapore flagship store, a farm-to-table restaurant concept by Spa Esprit Group and gaming store GamePro, which will host eSports tournaments in a dedicated eSports zone. Meanwhile, the development’s serviced apartment component, lyf Singapore, will be completed by late 2019 instead of 2020

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  1. ✈️ Jewel Changi Airport Mall on its grand opening –

  2. I'm impressed with how nobody is obese and the majority of the people are all so young. All the walking in these malls must help in keeping slim. I would go to these malls just for the exercise. I wish we in the USA had such big malls too. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. Nice video! New subscriber here. Feel free to check out our channel, we're Singapore based (new) youtubers.

  4. One year on and I am expressing my sympathy for the shopkeepers left to pay for the rent and workers out of work. Hope the pandamic will be over soon.

  5. Great video without music and every detail shown. Funan digital mall was like a 90s tech market when I visited it and came to know it was ceased, amazing to see it renovated.

  6. Singapore has always something new to offer, especially the malls… every corner on the city is a mall. Shop till your card starts bleeding 😀

  7. Next time i am in singapore I would love to join you for a tour but not sure I can stay silent for that long 😄

  8. Crazy video ideas! Real cool I subscribed! Hit my channel back and let's keep making great videos! 🦈🦈🦈

  9. Previous Funan was popular with its IT gimmicks. Will this new fabulous Funan going the same way? Too soon to say?

  10. Thanks for the walking tour very smooth videography and transition from level to level. It would be helpful adding what level you are currently on and going to and showing the names of each store. Also include the Directory’s, based on your video it seems this mall doesn’t have any interactive Directory’s. Audio was good majority of it , no random spikes in it or echoes. Thanks again for the interesting tour.

  11. Well done Alan. On one of my previous trip to Singapore, Funan Digital Mall was only just boarded up for redevelopment. In March this year I was in Singapore and was told it is due to be reopened in a few months time. I am about to revisit Singapore shortly and am very glad I came across this video, as I am definitely going to pay Funan Mall a visit; going to the rooftop for the excellent view. This is not before dropping in on Peninsula Shopping Centre next door for some Red Wing boots. Thumbs up from me!

  12. another boring mall.. like in orchard road n flying elephants or airport malls with waterfalls n forest… whilst in usa malls r grave-yards… singapore builds more n more malls until they will also die in 5/10 years… funan is no fun.. same number of shops , same food court samo samo… no people traffic with fire station n chinese chamber of commerce… even the capitol mall is a failure… fulan will b dead soon.

  13. Beautiful shopping mall. Next visit to Singapore I will definitely come here. Thanks for sharing 👍🏻😊


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