Forgotten Warrior Game (by Best 500 Games) – rpg game for Android – gameplay.


This is a very very very old game which came from Samsung. It has a long ago hackneyed story. Our beloved one is kidnapped by a carrion and we will need to fight for her during the entire game process.

Collect coins, buy potion and more powerful weapons, kill your enemies and jump over the fires (those who played it before must remember).

Requires: Android 2.3.2 +
Requires internet connection: NO (you can play it offline)
File size: 23 Mb apk
Free game

Google Play download URL:

(the game is deleted from GP)

Alternative download URL (plus all versions of the game):

List of RPG games on the channel:

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  1. Do you like playing games? Looking for something new? So, you got to the right channel!

    Give the video a thumb up!

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  2. Thanks!! I been searching this one for years and I didn't remember the name! I remember playing this one on my mom's Samsung E-215.. good old times :') It was my first mobile game too!!

  3. Java games era…… ooohhh , sweet memories. Guys , I had my own collection of great Java games. If you want – you can will try to play. Enjoy:
    1) Blood+
    2) Sonic Jump
    3) Tower Bloxx
    4) Age of Heroes 2 : Underground Horror
    5) Diamond Rush
    6) Tom and Jerry : Food Fight
    7) Prince of Persia – The Two Thrones
    8) Crash Bandicoot : Crash of the Titans
    9) Bounce Tales
    10) Turok
    11) The Sims 3
    12) Prehistorik Park
    13) Crazy Penguin Catapult 2
    14) Pyramid Bloxx
    15) Trial Racing Gravity Defied
    16) South Park 10 : The Game
    17) Jan the Sheep
    18) Time Rider II
    19) Alien vs Predator
    20) Doodle Jump Deluxe
    21) Splinter Cell Conviction

    I spent a lot of time to find name of this great game , and now I can add ''Forgotten Warrior'' to my collection.

    + 22) Forgotten Warrior.

    P.S. Guys , who remember another java game , where you must play in arcanoid as a man and f*ck a women ???

  4. I played this on my Samsung e250 when I was like 10 and I loved it. This was the first mobile game I completed many times… by the way, people, that phone was cool as he'll for the time, having a camera and Bluetooth to put your favourite songs in your phone was cool as fuck 😁 a few years later we discovered smartphones, but they were crappy and expensive.. from 2009 to 2019 we changed a lot. Now we enter 2020, who knows how are we gonna change from now on… damn, the nostalgia makes me say profound stuff 🤣

  5. Even now I can play games like BF1 or CSGO. But no game can replace this game in my heart. When I was a kid , it accompanied me a lot. So miss the old time when smartphone and 4G hadn’t appear. And miss my friends I had that time.

  6. I played this on my mom's Samsung phone when I was 5 and I loved it. I remember I accidentally deleted this game and since then I never played it again. And now I'm seeing this after 12 years. Thank you for this.

  7. Last time I played this game I had 5 years actually reminded me of beautiful childhood days

  8. Trying a java emulator, but every time a textbox appears, doesn't want me to continue for some reason. And the game didn't freeze at all. w0t

  9. Nostalgia
    I remember playing and loving this back in 2007 on my grandma's old Samsung e-250, but i can also remember that the physics were just freaking awful


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