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Even in the west, Neon Genesis Evangelion goes beyond almost every other anime in terms of its popularity and influence; this is only set to grow with the recent release of the series on Netflix. This got me thinking – where are all the Evangelion games? Turns out there’s a bunch, and despite almost all of them releasing exclusively in Japan, curiosity got the better of me. Action RPGs, visual novels, fighters, a strange rhythm game produced by Suda51… join me in this review/analysis as I attempt to figure out what it takes to turn this beloved show into a game.

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While uploading this video I decided to see if anyone else had done anything on the Eva games—my Spanish is absolutely rubbish but from the little I can understand this dude Dinocov covers some similar talking points regarding the N64 game, so might be worth checking out (any similarities are entirely unintended—lo siento Dinocov!):

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  1. What a well written and genuinely thought out analysis of media we never got to experience ourselves. Thank you for this video 💛

  2. 17:32 how do you get a more up best version of the next episode preview theme? That songs already so upbeat

  3. Nier Automata is not an Evangelion game, but it surely translated what the series was about to the game format.

  4. daily reminder that an Evangelion themed strip poker computer game exists

  5. I'm surprised the Gunbuster from Hideaki Anno's previous mecha anime being playable wasn't mentioned when compairing Battle Orchestra to Smash Bros.

  6. Awesome video!

    I usually put off your videos of ideas and content that you talk about a lot in your podcast, but there was a lot more here and I'm glad I watched the video too. I can only imagine the crazy amount of effort you went through to track down and get through those games! And without knowing Japanese!!

    Really awesome content, I'm excited to see what you come up with next!

  7. I feel like in an EVA game they should ignore the original story as it is clearly hard to adapt it to game form and go for a new story. Maybe something like persona would work with a few days of walking around tokyo 3 talking, doing simpler missions and stuff and then every few days angels attack, but making this the main focus of the game, and maybe even creating new original angel designs and different ways to take down each angel

  8. I think NGE is only popular in the US. Only American YouTubers talk about it, and I have crazy anime weaboo friends

  9. I'm down for an Evangelion: Jo western release, looks pretty cool. I've got a PS Vita, is 3nd Impact on that? Thanks!

  10. Xenogears & Zone of Enders games are NGE games spiritually. But if we are talking about the most proper gameplay system for NGE series, it would be a mix of Xenoblade Chronicles X + the overarching plots Trails of series. Both are RPG titles deep with personal connections between each characters. Not only that, both have mecha system too. Imagine of Shinji in range of a more dramatic school & base time, then will get each specific missions to defend the city or into a desolate places for further counter measures. Yes. The levels will be semi open world like XCX.

  11. There is an Evangelion app known as EVA Dawn. Its pretty much a side scroller beat em up with different sets of abilities/movesets for each Eva. Its not too bad but the English isnt so great as some sentences are structured in a weird way.


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