Epic Game of SliP & SliDe KickBaLL


We got a little bored of regular kickball, so we thought we would add some slip and slides into the mix and it ended up being the best day ever! Kickball will never be the same again once you add in those slip and slides, it definitely adds in a much needed level of difficulty/strategy

Want to see how it’s made?? Here is a how to video:

Want to play? Here is the equipment you will need:

Filmed with a go pro 3 black and go pro 4 silver
Edited in Imovie
Music was purchased at www.epidemicsound.com

Nguồn: https://khudothidongvan.com/

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  1. If you want to play slip and slide kickball at your next party, click here for a shopping list of items that you will need to play: https://www.amazon.com/ideas/amzn1.account.AGXC2QP2VS2JENFZP6PWIWCF5O4A/1H8SKC305AEUE

  2. Almost at 2 million views!! That is insane. When I first came up with the idea i was sitting at a bonfire and overheard a group of kids complaining to their dad that the kickball field was all muddy and everyone was slipping. Then the lightbulb went off and i went home, started building, and called a few friends over. Next thing i know t's on the from page of reddit, on my local news, there is big you tubersmaking videos of it, there is tv shows in china/germany showing it, and somebody even made a slip and slide kickball toy (though it sucks, so i wouldn't recommend it)

  3. how did you video tape it please reply back we are doing a daycare campout and decided to do this i have a regular camera but not a gopro please help!!!


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