Ep. 117: Monopoly Express Dice Game Review (Parker Brothers 1991)


CORRECTION: If you have more than one incomplete Color Group, you can only use the one that has the highest value.

A review on how to play the dice game Monopoly Express. This game is a reprint of Don’t Go To Jail, which was released in 1991.

Don’t Go to Jail is a dice game derived from Monopoly. The game board depicts the monopolies found in the original game, with the property groups color-coded as in Monopoly. Each property group has a given dollar value, which you can collect by rolling the dice and collecting that group.

On a turn, you roll ten dice, set aside any die reading “Go,” “to” or “jail”, then set aside any color group dice that you wish. If the “Go,” “to” and “jail” dice are set aside, your turn ends immediately, and you score nothing. Otherwise you can choose to either (1) stop and score for what you’ve rolled or (2) roll again with any dice not set aside, once again setting aside the “Go,” “to” or “jail” dice, etc. The dice have a couple of “Wild” faces, and you can use at most one Wild in a color group. (If you roll the proper color, you can replace a Wild die in a group and roll that die again on a later turn.)

If you stop, you score for all completed color groups and one incomplete color group. Your goal is to be the first player to reach a predetermined dollar amount or to have the most money at the end of a pre-set number of turns.

Monopoly Express – an updated version of this game that was first released in the UK and Europe, then later in the U.S. – alters the gameplay as follows:

The policeman from the “Go To Jail” corner of the board game replaces the words “Go,” “to” and “jail”.
One blank face on one of the policeman dice depicts a green “GO” arrow. A player earns $200 each time he rolls GO, but he loses this money if he busts due to policemen.
The game includes an eleventh “House/Hotel” die that can earn (or lose) a player Houses (worth $1,000 each), earn Hotels (worth $5,000, but only if a player has already earned four houses) and a “Get Out Of Jail Free” side that negates a policeman (including a policeman that would bust a player). This die cannot be rolled until a player completes a property group (i.e., neither railroads nor utilities).
The Wild faces are replaced by the Chance “?” logo; the ? act as a Wild, but unlike a Wild it cannot be replaced.
The first player to have at least $15,000 wins immediately; players don’t complete the round. Subscribe to keep up with all the latest reviews and game hunts! #boardgame #ads #ads

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  1. The totally bizarre thing about this and the classic game of Monopoly is that going to jail or being destroyed by the cops is all a matter of chance and has nothing to do with bad choices ….totally innocent people lose everything NOT because they acted criminally in anyway but simply by chance …I have never heard this discussed before but is anyone else like me thinking it is sort of demented? I mean sure with legitimate business there are so many variables and unknowns that no matter how smart you are and how much forethought you put into a business plan? things could still easily go south and you could totally fail in an endeavour thus a game with dice or a spin wheel makes total sense…BUT having trouble with the "cops" "go to jail"etc? Come on man! Normally with very few exceptions this is the result of someone acting wickedly….trying to defraud or cheat or steal from their fellow man/neighbors….no? …in other words being EVIL and placing your own interests totally unfairly above that of your and typically innocent fellow man ..So not at all just random chance thing like a business venture that fails indirectly due to a war or weather anomaly/ disease outbreak etc that no one could have seen coming (which is rather like a roll of dice)…..getting busted is the direct result of being bad! A choice rather than roll of the dice …see what I mean?

  2. so do you roll all the dices(except the ones placed on properties) in every turn until you decide to stop???

  3. My sister and I couldn’t figure out how to play the game, but with your help, we now understand. Thanks!

  4. @4:15 – For scoring, the rules say you only score ONE incomplete color group. The one with the highest value.
    @4:55 – Assuming this is like normal Monopoly you wouldn't get houses for your Railroads or Utilities.

  5. I never cared for monopoly but like dice games that looks interesting the way you place them on that circular tray board. the next vid I might upload is a zombies dice game. I put the card game up. those are two of my current favorite games. and play well solo.


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