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The Emerson Arcadia 2001 system was released in 1982, and quickly exited the market.

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  1. i remember Tanks-A-Lot..it had this WARP feature, but you couldn't controll where you would appear if you used it. It was like a quick-escape feature.

  2. I just came in contact with one today, and it is roughed up. Though on the back it says it is NO 2, which I think means it is the second one made. Very exited.

  3. More like Fairchild Channel F Graphics. Can't really say it's better or worse then Atari VCS, it had flicker free graphics and strong rich color. Definitely inferior to Intellivision and Colecovision.
    Some of the games were obvious Rip Offs of Intelliviosin games.

    Auto Racing, Sea Battle and Boxing looked like primitive versions of the Intellivisoin versions with smaller sized graphics. Even in Tanks a lot it had an obvious ripoff of the Intellivison Running Man.

  4. i buy one for 25.-$ with 30 casettes for it.on my 60" screen so much fun: dada , toktok , blang blang……

  5. I think the most important piece of information for this is how much it was licensed and/or cloned for international markets. We got it here in New Zealand as the "Tunix Home Arcade"

    There were a bunch of these lesser-branded systems available. 1292 and 1392 Advanced Programmable Video System comes to mind, these were released in a variety of different countries under a variety of different brands/names. Other brands now come to mind for a variety of other consoles. Fountain "Force 2", Grandstand SG-1000 (Yeap, that's the Sega SG-1000, we were the only country outside of Japan to have an officially licensed release of that).

    New Zealand really had to do things different, everything was made under license because import licenses were horrifyingly difficult to obtain, and we were such a small country that we just often weren't suitable for doing business with.

    There's some vintage computer guys here who could spiel on for days and days about some of this stuff, most of them have cabinets or shelves stacked mile-high with various old consoles, the value of them is questionable, and they're usually in varying states of working order.

  6. there was a Firestone store that sold this and I REALLY wanted this console. I remember seeing the games when the crash came, the games with like $5

  7. gamester81. My mother purchased one when they came out because they was the cheapest Video Game System on the market. I did not know they had a lawsuit at the time with Atari. They had made all kind of games that was suppose to be the Atari Killer, but Atari sued them in the video game wars because they where coming out with games that was original to Atari Games. Atari felt these games belonged on the Atari, So Emerson had all these games in the warehouse they could not sell, so they came out with bad clones. Cat Trax did came out for the Atari 2600 version. But that same year the Atari 5200, and Coleco Vision was coming out. I did not notice about the other systems, but it was fun to play at the time, and I was pretty good at these games. I guess my older brother sister and brother did not know what those cards was for, we never used them, but as young child I soon learned the buttons. We later got an Atari 2600 and my mother threw it away, I wished we kept those cartridges, we could have sold them on E-Bay, or bought one off E-bay. The system itself we torn it up. Wished we still had it. I would have liked to seen all those games they made they could not sell. I think they shortly stopped production on it, and it went to bargain shelves quickly, then yard sales, and flea markets.

  8. It's very hard to get a compatible TV since 20 years due to interband tuner implementation.
    Your best solution is to find an old VHS and to connect it on…

  9. i currently have one in my hands but i can't get it to work >.< i turn it on and nothing happens, i think its that i have a flat screen tv but im not sure it might be broken, if anyone can help i'll be much obliged

  10. Yeah, my Grandparents got this system for me for free for looking at a time-share.. Damn I miss it..My memories of this are like every other person's memory of the 2600. I should have never sold mine at a garage sale… But I wanted the lustrous new genesis.

  11. I know it was over two years ago, but thanks for posting this. The Arcadia is one of the more obscure systems from the 1980s and it is hard to find much information about it.

  12. :28 Flood of systems/bad games did NOT cause the crash. Contributed to it, yes, but it was only one of several factors. Not sure who was the first to come up with this myth, but it's annoying.

  13. That little guy sure is animated crazy. Hey, is that game Capture anything like Go? Would be surprising if such a wimpy system could play a possible Go game.

  14. OMG i have found that thing in an old closet a lot years ago!! my dad said to me he couldn't remember where he has found it! Bt it didn't have those sticks!! probably must have been broken!! I'll search again to see if i can found it and i'll post a video!! 🙂

  15. I got one of these a couple months ago. Not the greatest, but there are a few fun games. Definitely a system that I want to do more collecting for. Only 5 games so far.

  16. Thx for the video … these two games were the first games i ever played and damn…the sounds scare me like back then 😛

  17. @hawkez2003 which was handy for when my sticks plastic bit eventually cracked, replaced with a bit of pencil thin wood lol.

  18. @nexus000111 FOZproductions is a moron and a troll. It's best to ignore idiots like this. They seek attention and were probably picked on growing up. lol

  19. Total rip off on the Intellivision controller! I have played this console before and I didn't care for it all that much. But I wouldn't mind having one. How many of the games do you have for it and what is the most rare of them all? I mean are the games pretty easy to get?


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