Easy Bake Oven Kitchen CD-Rom Play Set – Turn Your Computer Into A Kitchen!


Easy Bake Oven Kitchen CD-Rom Play Set – Turn Your Computer Into A Kitchen! Alyse and I wanted to show this toy together. She had tested it for me when I first set it up and that made it natural for her to show us how to play it. It was hard for her not to click ahead because she already new what was bing said 🙂 I hope we showed enough of this classic PC game for you to know what it was like when it originally came out.

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Easy Bake Oven Kitchen CD-Rom Play Set – Turn Your Computer Into A Kitchen!

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Easy Bake Oven, Easy Bake Mixes, Food Recipes Baking Series – Light Bulb Baking – Kids Toy Ovens:

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  1. This was the first game I ever played. I was 4 years old (2004) and my babysitter had this game. I haven’t seen this game until now, thank you for this.

  2. I still have mine stored away. I loved to play this when I was a little girl. My brother liked making crazy weird things when he played lol

  3. I remember having a similar set, but it was for Tonka Workshop. Hasbro Interactive was behind that one as well. Interesting to see they made a set for Easy Bake to be honest. I probably would've enjoyed this since I had an easy bake oven growing up.

  4. I remember getting this game for one of my birthdays. Our blocky computer was in my older sisters room. I had to beg her to let me come in and use it. I played for hours until she finally kicked me out. Brings back a lot of memories.

  5. Sorry to ask this I know this YouTube is from Ages ago but I just want to know because I had this game when I was a kid is easy bake American or Canadian ? 🙂

  6. I remember this from my childhood! I have thought about it from time to time but I’ve always been unable to remember what it was called. I’m so happy you covered this, thank you!

  7. That was released by Hasbro Interactive (now Atari Interactive) and developed by Griptonite Games

    It's very similar to the in-game Disney Infinity playsets I have which turn my PS3 into a in-game battleground full of total destruction where the hero fights the forces of evil

    Easy Bake is ™ & ©2018 Hasbro. All rights reserved.

  8. I loved this game as a kid, though I’m pretty sure we lost the rolling pin. I just remember pressing down the dough with my hand…

  9. I remember having this game at my grandma's house when I was a kid! Sadly, I don't own this anymore since it was probably given away at the Goodwill.

  10. I believe this was made by the same software company that made The Magic School Bus Explores the World of Animals. There were a whole bunch of Magic School Bus computer games, and I played all of them when I was a kid, but Magic School Bus Explores the World of Animals just so happened to be one of my personal favorites, the others being The Magic School Bus Explores the Rainforest and The Magic School Bus Explores the Age of Dinosaurs.


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