DRAWING with an ETCH A SKETCH: Art Challenge!


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  1. I have alot of those I spent 56 cents (usd) on each and I have 3 red ones, 2 purple ones, 1 orange, 1 blue, 1 green, one yellow (limited time only), and 2 that I painted myself.

  2. You achieved far more than I was ever able to with an etch-a-sketch I can tell ya!! Tortured me for hours until I figured I wasn't an artist (how's that for helpful child development etch-a-sketch!!) I'm now 50 and 3 years ago went back to college. One of my classes was drawing. Second day in class and the tutor complimented me on my work and accused me of "pulling her leg" by saying I had never drawn or did art class. I told her I had one art class. The teacher there first day put an empty pitcher on a table and said "Draw that". I was lost. Totally panicked. Before end of class she went round examining everyone's work and when she got to mine she said "Total rubbish. Don't ever ever lift a pencil again." So I didn't. Until 3 years ago. Health issues have stopped me from pursuing it so far but just got me a wee Cotman pocket box so I've no excuses any more. Looking forward to it (I'll show you etch-a-sketch!! And mrs terrible art teacher. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think two things help me draw. A Zero-turn lawn-mower which I do, and a Bob Cat. Anyone drive these they will know what I mean when you start this game.

  4. Am I the only one that’s never heard or seen this before 😂😭 this wasn’t a thing here in The Netherlands lol

  5. Okay so I had this when I was younger so I was working on a very important project that took me a month dont ask the project so in the middle of drawing got anoyyed of my at my lil sis so to calm down i just shook my board around when I was done i was all erased i never drawed since then

  6. I finally found an art medium i can beat you at!
    I too googled etch a sketch art as a wee little kid after being told i was good enough to sell it. My little heart was broken when I realized I could never be good enough to make it look like a machine did it.

    At age 13 I spent 8 hours on a Jonas brothers themed piece with all their faces and instruments. It was my prized possession. It has faded significantly over the years but I still love how much passion went into it.

    Fun story about how I realized not everyone can use an etch a sketch like I do. I was waiting in the waiting room at a dentist office and doodling on the Etch-a-Sketch. I drew a dog jumping over a hurdle. The next time I went to the dentist it was propped up against the sign in desk with a note asking who drew it I tentatively went up to the desk and told them I did confused why they saved it. They got excited and told the other doctors they finally found the artist. I did one with teeth, a toothbrush and toothpaste, floss and their names as a thank you gift when i moved.

  7. dont diss the product if u cant use it


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