Deer Feeder Motor: 12V vs 6V Boss Buck Feeders Review


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This video will review the deer feeder motor of boss buck feeders and compare the difference between 12volt and 6volt setups. We will review our experience after upgrading 3 automatic deer feeders to Boss Buck Feeders (12V) over 1 year- ago. Since installation, we haven’t had one jam in any of the 3 deer feeder motors and the deer feeder batteries maintain 100% charge (using solar) making these maintenance free deer feeders! This isn’t our experience with 6 volt deer feeder setups. We experienced many jams from the smallest of debris left in the corn (even after filtering). We also experienced constant maintenance with the 6 volt deer feeder battery even though it was hooked up to solar. We found it hard to find 6 volt solar panels large enough to maintain a full maintenance-free charge. This is not the case with a 12 volt deer feeder battery as 12 volt solar panels are plentiful on the market in many shapes, sizes, technology, and prices.

We found the 12volt deer feeder motor in the Boss Buck Feeders to have a lot more torque, less power consumption, and a farther throwing distance than our 6 volt setups. We also found that a 12 volt deer feeder motor setup has many more options when it comes to 12 volt batteries (shapes and sizes), 12 volt solar options and motor replacement parts.

In our experience, it is cost prohibitive to maintain 6 volt deer feeder motors. After replacing burnt motors, doubling up on 6 volt batteries, and buying under-powered solar products we could have upgraded to 12volt deer feeder motors like our Boss Buck Feeders 3 times over.

Now that we have upgraded to our 12 Volt deer feeder motor we will never look back. We wish we would have started out with 12 volt setup’s from the beginning. Our three automatic deer feeder systems are now totally maintenance free and now we can spend more time hunting!

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  1. Fuse at the battery?? Lets properly protect that equipment! If the battery is in a box use a couple female insulted spade connectors. At the positive battery post cut the wire and crimp on the two female insulted spade connectors then slide them onto each leg of the properly sized ATO fuse. If not in a battery box wrap them with some GOOD electricians tape or use a weatherproof fuse holder! Easy Peazy! Good Safety Glasses are a must these days!


    For those newly attempting to build the feeder above, before you start you will want to be aware of the following if your using Boss Buck
    Funnels for the interior of a 55 Gallon barrel…

    * Boss Buck Funnels for Barrel Feeders measure approximately 22.375" O.D. x 7.75" Deep. Barrel Interior across should not be any smaller
    than 22.374" I.D. If it's smaller, you won't be able to fit the funnel in correctly if ever! ** NOT ALL 55 GALLON BARRELS ARE THE SAME I.D. !!

    The Critical Hunter —

  3. * PRICE DROP * Boss Buck Feeder Control System are marked down on
    Amazon again!!! LINK: ** NEW Price: $94.00 ea.

    The Critical Hunter —

  4. ** FEATURED ON THIS CHANNEL ** (In the Community Section) I've created a 12V Boss Buck conversion for the American Hunter Deer Feeders which are 6V. I'm sure Steve will feature this in a future video or "Community" segment possibly. The conversion plate should work for any 6v feeder.

     If you're interested in DIY details contact me on my Channel:
    The Critical Hunter —

  5. Boss Buck Feeder Control Units $95 ea. Reg. Price: $125-150 ea. LINK: **

    The Boss Buck 12v control system provides years of trouble free use. Our
    Simple Set Digital timer has variable RPM speed. The box arms adjust to
    allow you to tune your feed and feeder to match your preferred feeding
    area.2 year warranty on timer and motor.

  6. That feeder I got at walmart for $148 plus the cost of a 12 volt rechargeable battery (got two so I would have a spare) and solar power charger and so far it has been fantastic and the battery stays charged good

    After setting it up and playing with it some I found medium speed for 8 seconds with three times is perfect to use about 50 pounds of corn over 7 days or so

    When I first set it up I had it on 10 seconds on high speed and about a 1/2 from the wheel settings and found corn that was thrown 40 feet away or an 80 foot diameter circle around the feeder using up 50 pounds in a few days LOL

    Once I got it set up right that thing is fantastic for bringing in the hogs deer and raccoons and will put food on the table for many years to come I think and last time out it had 200 pounds of corn in it I suspect will last over a month of feed times

    And someone talking about bears? They could not do a single thing to that steel feeder I got as it is heavy duty city

  7. ** AS the CWD Hysteria spreads faster than the disease itself, feeders like Steve features will be banned in many states if not already… join the CWD discussion on the "discussion" portion of Handy Hunters Channel!!

    The Critical Deer Hunter —

  8. It would be nice if there was a barrel bottom conversion plate one could install on a American Hunter Rugged heavy-duty 225-lb. cap. poly barrel feeder, to switch from a 6v feeder unit configuration to a 12v unit like you show!! It would be up to 50% cheaper than completely replacing the entire Feeder (Barrel, etc.) to those like you show which average DIY cost is $350-$395.

    The Critical Deer Hunter —

  9. Watch his recent "Feeder Solar" video for additional information installing Solar to this style deer feeder! ** Almost all components (Feeder Kit, Funnel, Cover, Solar Panel, Battery, etc.) are reasonably priced and available for this barrel feeder from Amazon, Boss Buck, Pro Bass Shops, Northern Tool and Cabelas. The sled is homemade by Steve! He didn't leave links.

    The Critical Deer Hunter —

  10. I was hoping this video would help. But it isn't real helpful. I would like to know what output voltage the solar has. And what the rating are on the motor.
    Honestly, you should be able to make any design work for you by knowing what output the solar really does and what the drain is in amps.
    $125 for a working setup, is not to bad in the long run. But what if you can make the same setup with the cheaper parts by getting the math right for 6 or 12. That would be something.
    Too bad I'm not an electrical engineer. Or have contact with one that could explain this so normal persons can comprehend it lol.

    Thanks for the video man, you are trying help. And that alone is worth a thank you.

  11. You got a great price on the Boss Buck 12V Feeder Kit! Cannot locate one NEW for less than $125, now. Did you get it direct from Boss Buck or Amazon? If you know where to get them for less, please share where!

    The Critical Deer Hunter —

  12. Wish We could utilize the sled version in Northern MI! However, the Black Bear would do havoc with them!! Therefore, we are having to hang them in Black Bear Territory.

    The Critical Deer Hunter —

  13. Will you be having a Future DIY Video on Building a Complete Automatic Tripod Barrel Feeder?

    The Critical Deer Hunter —

  14. Did you use 3/8" Flex Conduit and one hole Straps for your Solar Panel Wires to the Feeder Kit? That's what I use for my Feeders for protection from critters.

    The Critical Deer Hunter —

  15. Where would you get a replacement 12V motor from, IF ever needed? Which brand is the BEST?

    The Critical Deer Hunter —

  16. I would always recommend Boss Buck 12v, too, versus the 6V unit you had. Wild Game Innovations 12v are not bad, but their 6v units I've discovered are not as durable and neither have reliable electronics!! I too bad manufacturers promote cheap unreliable 6V units! They should ban selling cheap 6V Feeder units to Hunters and produce and provide the more Reliable Quality 12V units instead. I know the 12V units are much better for much colder climates than 6V, too.

    The Critical Deer Hunter —

  17. 12V is superior to 6V! In the North with Winter conditions, 12V is far better and much more reliable with less maintainance during use.

    The Critical Deer Hunter —

  18. Could you for less $ have converted your existing 6V to 12V swapping out the motor and battery?

    The Critical Deer Hunter —

  19. So did you add a diode to your solar panel then, to prevent reverse charging on the panel you spoke of in a earlier comment below?

    The Critical Deer Hunter —

  20. Going to using feeders for the first time,and I'm gonna go with 12v per your suggestion. Was just wondering what type of solar panels ya use on your feeders. So glad I found your channel.

  21. So I have a 55 gallon drum and a smaller 30 gallon metal drum and 2 plastic 55s
    What would recommend?
    Do u have the funnels in all of them?
    Do u know if they have funnels for the smaller drums

  22. Ga? I'm in Perry Ga
    New to hunting and trying to decide what to buy
    I like the all in one for mobility
    But it's triple AAA
    I'll be hunting in my backyard
    And also in Abbeville …. I just picked up 30 acres to hunt but no deer there

  23. Thanks Bill! I like to hunt, not work on feeders all the time. This system is totally maintenance free…I love it! Thanks for commenting!


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