Custom Playmat! Inked Gaming custom ordered Part-time Famous Playmat!


The very first ever Part-time Famous Custom Playmat!! I ordered the custom playmat from inked gaming. What can i say other than i am 100% satisfied with is order!! Someday soon we here at part time famous hope to be able to send out orders if you fellow “Part-timers” would like to rep official PTF merch at your local scene!
Once our channel hits 1k Subs will we be doing our “Top Card Give Away”. The top card pulled in the video will be given to a random subscriber. All you have to do is be subscribed and like the video to be entered to win.

Together we can get our Likes and subscriber numbers up! So tell everyone about our channel


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  1. i don't understand, is this video about the playmat or just opening cards, you could have talked more about the texture, how long can it withstand harsh condition, those the color fade away, does it bend super annoyingly :/ is it un effected with card scratches :/ if you gonna put in the title of the video about the playmat, talk about the playmat you bought :/

  2. Just ordered this myself and can't wait! I got mine with a pic from Xenoblade Chronicles (My favorite game) and no play zones since I might use it for other card games.

  3. How much did it cost you with the monster zones? I. Currently in the process of purchasing one And I didn't know if you had yo select the edited option to get the link/monster zones


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