Cool Gaming Setup Tech (LED Edition)


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  1. Is it possible to repeat a feature of the panels like… one time? There was like five minutes of him repeating the same thing over…. and over…. and…. you get it

  2. The cololight are cool accept if you want 6 it’s not $40 and they’re tiny, I’m glad I checked the dimensions before getting them

  3. Does anybody Else try to but in for ex if Tech Block says use code TB10 for 10 percent off try to put in different numbers than ten to see if you can get more off or no just me

  4. I'm going to build a big plexiglass lamp, like 90 cm long, and I think that I'll make it with the gigabyte eye logo, and I'll use the govee rgb strip to light it up

  5. You are a inspiration for us, because of you we make dessisions we could’t make ourself so keep up the good work.

  6. I really appreciate it when you tubers say Amazon a,l,e,x,a instead of just Alexa so she doesn’t start working. It gets annoying sometimes so thank you ,


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