Classic Game Room – DEVIL SURVIVOR OVERCLOCKED Nintendo 3DS review


Devil Survivor Overclocked review. Classic Game Room reviews DEVIL SURVIVOR OVERCLOCKED for Nintendo 3DS from Atlus. Part of the Shin Megami Tensei series, Devil Survivor Overclocked is a turn based strategy game (like Final Fantasy Tactics) where players move characters on a grid and attack enemies using demons! Devil Survivor was originally released on the Nintendo DS in 2009 and tells an awesome tale of teenagers trapped inside Tokyo as the city is locked down and attacked by demons and other mayhem! Buy demons, fuse them together to make more powerful demons and fight to survive! This CGR Devil Survivor Overclocked video review shows gameplay drom Devil Survivor Overclocked which features a few 3D cut scenes and demon fusion graphics, enhanced audio, new voice dialog and a new 8th day epilogue.


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  1. Devil Survivor had an amazing story, and Overclocked makes it even better. Those 8th days are pretty epic, especially the one where you just casually declare war on God and go kick his ass.

    The characters are decent, nothing really special. DeSu 2 is the one with strong characters.

    Music is pretty good for a DS game (Overclocked did not improve it).

    Combat shines. DeSu really nailed the SRPG mechanics and is one of the best SRPGs I've played.

  2. lol nice 2d joke about the characters and lack of 3d cutscenes. Action on the lower screen too. Kinda pointless even if it is on sale

  3. SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI imagine online was my favorite and until they bring a combat system that is kinda similar to the game they will not be getting any money from me.

  4. Yeah, this was a lazy 3DS port. I didn't even play the original release. Well worth the purchase, but I might as well have played the DS release.

  5. just wondering… are all SMT games this difficult? I mean… the game was pretty normal and enjoyable overall… until that last fight… huge unfair difficulty spike in my opinion. grinding for it wasn't fun at all.

  6. My guess for why the bottom screen was used is because of how much work would have had to be done to actually fill in the rest of the screen on the 3DS. The game was meant for a square display, so stretching it would require new camera angles, additions to the background, a new menu design, it just would have been a huge hassle.

  7. Are there any retouching of the characters and demons in Overclocked?
    It looks EXACTLY the same as the DS version.
    Do they redraw the demons to make them look better?


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