Cheap Custom Everything! | Hoi An, Vietnam Travel Vlog


Amanda finally woke up feeling a bit better, so it was time to hit the town of Hoi An for some more exploring. We headed to the market for some amazing Vietnamese food, visited the leather shop to look have having shoes made, tailors everywhere, and ended the day with $0.13 beer. Seriously, only $0.13. Another unforgettable day of travel! Enjoy!



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  1. Fat lady with mushrooms on face went to Vietnam to show us deferences between ugly fat saw and nice loocal girls

  2. Ok guys, I am hooked. I'll be in SE Asia probably mid November for the whole winter (maybe). $2 foot massage….. Uh, yeah…. That.

  3. Surprised how good the Vietnamese locals speak English. Seems they speak better than locals in Japan and Korea.

  4. Is the market where you were at in Hoi An nearby Old Town HoiAn? Would I be able to see it if were dropped off at Old Town HoiAn or is it far away?

  5. This is a great video, deffo worth my like!
    Check out my page and give it a like/subscribe If you like it… I will also take any positive criticism on how to improve haha.

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  8. Nice travel vlog Vietnam looks great! We subscribed and loved watching your video 🙂 Please feel free to check out our channel if you like 🙂

  9. thanks Jimmy and Amanda my turn to be up at 3 am and glad to see vlog is up 💙 hope you guys have a awesome day today and happy new year my 2018 be full of travels


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