A Review Of Magic The Gathering Playmats: Inked Stitched, Chromiaskin, Lands, Seb McKinnon and More!


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Evaluation Samples: For this review, I received evaluation samples from Ultimate Guard. All other products were purchased using my own funds. Evaluation samples do not influence grades or evaluation whatsoever, nor does the lack of an evaluation sample.

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  1. I normally really like products from ultimate guard. However, I recently bought a chroma skin playmat for my young son and as far as the color changing goes it's complete garbage. You have to leave your hand on it for 5 minutes and even then it barely does anything. I would rather have a mat with some cool art on it instead of a barely changing chroma skin.

  2. I love mtg but unless you're playing on asphalt, I don't see the point to them. If the table is dirty why not carry some whipes and/or a cloth to clean it? When you roll up your mat it will just transfer the dirt and grime from the bottom side to the top.

  3. I got a question. Don’t know if you, Professor, or anyone else will read this but I’ll ask anyway.

    How do you long term store your playmats?
    Rolled out or rolled up? If rolled up lying or standing?
    The reason I ask is, I lately amassed quite a lot of playmats due to tournaments, Kickstarters and the lot.
    I only have two ultimate guard cases for playmats to take with me when I go out and play.
    But I haven’t found something that storages multiple playmats at home.
    So, do I just lay them over one another in a closet or roll’em up and put them somewhere in a closet?
    Don’t know how sturdy playmats are if you think decades and if there are any measures to take to keep’em “fresh”.
    Thanks 🙂

  4. "Ask Professor Google"
    > Goes to Google and searches "Professor Google"
    > Stares at screen for a few seconds before realizing I'm just dumb.

  5. if a slight bend in a card sleeve is considered a marked card since they're using such a bad cardstock that it curls maybe nobody should be allowed to play in the tournament

  6. Playmats and double sleeves are for those who give a damn.
    I’m not one and I will never will.

  7. I’ve had the ultimate guard ChromiaSkin Playmat for about two months now (I wish this video had come sooner). My biggest issue with this Playmat is how soft and tearable the surface is. It has scratches and and cuts from my nails, corners of matte dragon shield card sleeves, and from the Monster Playmat case. I’ve also followed the cleaning directions multiple times and there are still oil marks from my hands afterwards.

    I found that the opposite is true in terms of the cooler the room the better the color change. When I first got the Playmat in March (it was still quite cold then) I could never get it to change without keeping my hand or arm on it for more than a minute. This is because the Playmat had a greater temperature difference to make up in order to change color. As it’s been getting warmer the Playmat has less of a temperature difference to make up and changes almost instantly. The only marks made in the Playmat are still just from my forearms and elbows.

  8. As much as I love Seb's art, the who idea of creating artificial scarcity for items that a lot of people who won't have known about him or his kickstarter until long after it is over would still love and pay money for to appeal to people's need to extract feelings of special-ness and exclusivity from the items they own and other's *can't*… bothers me. That behavior/attitude is generally the only thing rewarded in the long run by limited runs or other exclusives and it's a pretty toxic mentality that's reflective of shallow personalities and hollow people.

    I can understand having these things tied to the kickstarted initially with the promise that the art or mats might be slightly different or higher quality, or just signed, or even that while they might be produced at some later date through some company that those getting them now will get to have them before anyone else and be the only ones with them for some time. That sort of 'bleeding edge' exclusivity is temporary but helps keep pushing technology forward and prop up talented people with good ideas with the excess money for those with a lot of it to spare who care about being 'first' and having the stuff before everyone else. I'd say good on Seb if that was the plan, but saying definitively that no one else gets to have something there could in reality be an infinite number of even if they want to pay you money for it… is just appealing to those people I mentioned earlier that need to derive self worth from owning things others not just don't own, but can't.

    I'd argue, if you believe you have a high quality thing to offer (which I would argue Seb has in spades), you should a) want to spread that good thing to as many people as you can and b) be confident that people will be attracted to that quality and buy your awesome stuff in droves. Otherwise it's just some hipster shit of things only being good when less people know about it or have it or like it.

  9. I live in Australia and don't want to pay absurd shipping prices, do you know any places that either have good international shipping prices or are from Australia?

  10. I feel kinda of triggered when i play any mtg video and youtube shows me a yu-gi-oh ad xd, note i love both games, but its so weird

  11. with the chromiaskin mats and deck boxes, when it is hot or if you just happen to be drinking something colder than the room you're in, set your cup on the mat/box. the darker colored ring it leaves behind is neat as well!

  12. I'm really glad I watched this because Seb is my favorite artist! I just bought my first playmat ever, it's got his Aminatou artwork on it. 🙂 I'll definitely check out that Kickstarter!

  13. "people pick their cards up by sliding them off of the mat"

    If that was the case, what exactly is the purpose of the mat? lmao

  14. Hands and feet are far from the only body parts one can imprint on these chromiaskin playmats, I think Prof lacks imagination.

  15. One bent corner on a sleeve is considered a “marked card”? Lmao what a joke. This is why I only play casual commander.

  16. Will you re-review sleeves? I really want to see some comparison between side loading perfect fits, regular perfect fits, and perfect fit hard. Along with the new easter sleeves and the new hypermat formula


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