6 Scariest Soundtracks in Kid-friendly Video Games


Pure nightmare fuel. Especially the last one.



Music by CO.AG

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  1. The Mario ghost house the that you where playing creep me out me and my brother have are own rooms at night I was to scared to get off of my bed cuz that theme was playing and it made it feel like something was going to grab my foot under my bed so I just close the game but that same theme can’t get out of my head and so I just the tv on until it will turn off it self. Now I’m not really a fan of Mario themes whenever I see or hear that same theme it gives me chills☹️.

  2. I sleep with Minecraft music (don’t judge me) and when disc13 comes up i skip it right away….

  3. Here was my story when I found disc 11 and disc 13 when I played Minecraft I as building a house when I finished I choose d a disc 11 I was wondering wht it was since it was broken up I played it and I regret it.

    Since then I was scary of Minecraft for a weak then I got over it so I thought it was the only on but I was wrong.

    I played disc 13 not knowing that is creepy I regret playing that disc since then I haven't played Minecraft 1 year. Never play it. You will regret it when you play disc 11, disc 13……

  4. I know that minecraft one didn't really scare, but for some reason it made me laugh.
    Weird right?


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